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It's best to choose regular manufacturers to customize the display cabinets of merchants!

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:92    Pubtime:2020-10-20 15:21:13
  How to choose a huge and complicated display cabinet manufacturer?

  The Custom-made display cabinet has always been focused on the selection of regular manufacturers, but there are still some customers who blindly pursue low prices and low prices... If you understand the benefits of this process, you are still blindly choosing like this, then we can only say that we have tried our best

  What is the regular manufacturer, what is the miscellaneous brand manufacturer, take a good look at the following comparison to know!

  What is the regular display cabinet manufacturer?

  Formal factory and standard display cabinet production line

  As a regular display cabinet factory, the first thing to have a standard display cabinet product line, this is the first condition.

1. Regular trademark

  The trademark is associated with the enterprise and has the logo of the story. Moreover, the trademark is the same as the ID card, recording the honor and popularity of the brand.

2. High quality products

  The product is meticulous, the product will be strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, will not let any unqualified products flow into the market.

3. Supporting center technology

  Regular enterprises work hard on products, and large brand display cabinet factories have their own perfect supporting facilities, and do not copy other brands.

4. Duty of good faith

  Once the trouble caused by product quality, the enterprise will not shirk, will try its best to compensate the loss of customers and improve it quickly.

5. Sound qualification

  Formal brand must have qualifications, including (business license, tax registration, organization code, production license, quality inspection statement, 3C certification, energy efficiency monitoring statement, Ma certification, GB) and other more comprehensive qualifications.

  What is a display case of inferior brands?

1. There is no central supporting technology

  Due to the high cost of research and experiment, the cost of products is increased by multi-party processing, without reducing the cost and reducing the cost of materials.

2. The unsafe factors of defective product quality are high

  Because most of the shopping malls are very low-end channels, the equipment of products is very low, even unqualified, such as huge color difference, thick and turbid materials, formaldehyde exceeding the standard and many other problems.

3. The qualification is not perfect and even illegal

  Some manufacturers even don't have business license. Most of them are workshop type factories. All kinds of certification, not to mention, are illegal production.

4. After sales service is not guaranteed

  Some of these manufacturers will write off the company after three or five years of operation, because the volume of after-sales is the largest in three or five years!

5. Unqualified equipment is cheap

  The materials used in the production of products, some manufacturers can not meet the requirements of the national regulations, a long time of use, it is easy to show damage.

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