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Jewelry baking paint display cabinet machining related choice simple analysis!

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜台厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:600    Pubtime:2017-12-18 10:35:44

Jewelry painting display counter for processing.Mainly check the panel, door panel, box and seal bar, whether the anti-collision bar is machined by the machine, whether it is the front and back pressure.Good long-term use of products will not be blistered and deformed.Sealing strip seal can cause lampblack, dust and insect to enter.To watch the jewelry exhibition is the work of the counter, pay attention to observe its detail, such as whether the plate is open or have small collapse, this can reflect whether the open stock saw is imported, the quality.

If the sealing side of the seal is solid, the trim is smooth and round, which can reflect whether there are imported edge sealing machines, or whether there is automatic tracking of trimming function;Such as hinge opening is smooth level off, it can reflect the presence of hinge machine, such as opening and closing door plank, the drawer is light and smooth, reflecting the hinge and track quality, such as the degree of flat plate, the bright and clean degree of mesa, etc.

Choose plain code firm offers of the company do not choose seemingly discount a lot actually black-box company, because good product cost is high, the processing factory to survive must also maintain its reasonable profit space.If a brand is ridiculously low or heavily discounted, the reasonable explanation is that its raw materials are low, the price is much lower, or its processing equipment is less.

Jewelry painting display counter processing inspection of the cabinet panel of the panel of the backboard waterproofing the water.The quality of the cabinet hinges is also critical.Its quality relates to the opening life of the cabinet door;Also inspect the leveling device and screw of ground foot to prevent dampness.On the choice of mesa, should be easy to clean, and wear-resisting property is good.If you choose marble, you must consider whether it is in line with the standard of indoor use and whether it is good.

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