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Jewelry display cabinet a cent of goods, the price difference is obvious!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:394    Pubtime:2017-09-29 09:30:31

The quality of the jewelry display ark more and more get the attention of people, many customers are think so, they are selling high-end jewelry brand, of course, also want to have high quality cases to show off their jewelry, can foil a its atmosphere.But if you want to buy good quality cases is difficult, the general cases and factory don't have the ability, and in order to benefit in the Numbers to the market to provide cases do not meet the requirements of high quality, and our customer need to do what?It is to see that its display case has a problem, now, dongxing display ark to teach everybody how to see the jewelry display ark price differentiation from a few aspects.

Jewelry display cabinet material:

1. Wooden counter

Such a counter on the second and third tier cities you can see, the jewelry counter, from wood and metal materials, although not old, but always looks don't feel the atmosphere, the color of the wood is reddish brown, let I think don't match the color, I think should be purchased in the market.Although the stream of the jewelry store, but little to buy jewelry, the specific reason is not clear, but a friend said: a lot of people come to know about the price, and then go to the big city to buy!Why buy in a big city?, in my opinion, the main is no real attract a client, a similar jewelry even cheaper than big cities, but if you put the wooden jewelry, also is cannot reflect its value, and the real attract customer, make customer feel this is the real thing!

So wooden display ark market although still have, but gradually also should abandon this material display ark.

2. Stainless steel display cabinet

This one is often referred to as titanium alloy profiles.At the same time, in the high-end cases and its quality is also different, one of the best materials in our large cases to factory we call: E1 grade stainless steel material, shows excellent results, widely used in jewelry counter, luxury goods, jewelry counter, counter and so on.If you have a heart to find out, the counters in the more famous jewelry stores, such as chow tai sheng and Saturday's blessing, are made of this material.This material will also become the mainstream of the market.

Above is the material classification, jewelry cases jewelry cases in order to make better display effect, so be sure to choose the right material, the reason why some of the common stainless steel, steel and other metal material for the counter is certainly there, our cooperation factory is exhibiting ark according to the public's aesthetic view, the introduction of Hong Kong jewelry cases and making principle, for customers to create the most suitable jewelry shelves!

Dongxing jewelry display case advantage:

1, colour and lustre

Regular jewelry cases and colour and lustre, in according to customer's color, it always is uniform, and look at the same time, you will find it very color like stainless steel its itself color, then it must be good quality.If you look, colour and lustre is exhibiting ark plating, feel like paint, that means when production cases and only do the surface treatment, it is conceivable that it is in the making when cases to steal work to speed up the production to save face this performance, reducing its quality is absolutely can't believe it.

2, do manual work

Our cooperation cases to make jewelry in stainless steel Mosaic a exhibiting ark, electric welding is adopted nano science and technology, make its perfect close to in a piece, density is 0.001 microns, is by far the most delicate do manual work, it is the embodiment of the cases and high quality.And in the market, we can see some cases to have obvious splicing marks, or have all imprinting, just covered by paint, or just have a gap, needless to say, this kind of cases and absolute bad workmanship.

3, feel

Jewelry cases and weight is heavy, it gives people feel is real feeling, and is completely transparent toughened glass, touch can feel its hardness is just like a piece of steel plate.Feel is very important, it can ensure the security of your jewelry display, we did for large exhibition shelves factory also under the impact experiments, the experimental results are: cases and under strong impact, its surface donor is not serious, and not easy to be broken, toughened glass can withstand adults use the hammer blow, this big proves that high quality jewelry cases and anti-theft function, it has been reflected from the handle.

At the same time in order to achieve the real high-end, large factory realized the quality exhibiting ark, cases and no defects, to a little less friction marks all have no, is for our cooperation, to provide clients with the most valuable jewelry cases, improve the quality of the storefront and the requirements of customers from many sided.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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