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Jewelry display cabinet design and production not only must be creative but also be realistic!

Source:深圳展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:549    Pubtime:2018-03-12 10:00:36

In order to better display the beauty of the product, it is necessary to use the display cabinet for performance and outstanding product features and advantages.Therefore, it is necessary to have the best method in the display cabinet planning, so that the talent can ensure the beauty of all the exhibition cabinets.Booth planning and manufacturing should not only be conceived but also fit the actual situation.

Six ways to improve the planning of the exhibition cabinet:

One, watch TV to obtain information: watch TV other than recreational character, watch TV progress planner oneself ability is a very good way.But to watch TV selectively, not every program can improve your planning talent, local customs, travel, news, feature films, etc.The most important learn to stratify to see: the character plot, the place that decorate environment (set) amorous feelings to wait to see, some time can neglect character plot.So you can get more direct information.

2. The owner's habits: habits can also be understood as a person's mind and behavior.To solve the owner's habits, do the set of set materials, so that the talent has the target.This is also a condition for rapid planning.This process is a process of composting, as long as those who are good at investigating and refining are able to quickly complete this collection.

Get rid of computer bundling: the key to becoming an excellent planner is getting rid of the computer's bundling.If you can't draw some sketches with your hands, you can't be an excellent planner by using your plan.

Listen to the sound: catch the key point.It's also a sign of communication skills.Many planners pay special attention to the differences and attention of each suite, but neglect to communicate with the owner.

5. Experience improvement: people are divided into three levels in the disposition of experience.The first is that one practice is equal to the experience of others five or six times;The other is 10 practices that have been experienced 10 times;Another is that 10 practices get only a few experiences.

6. Focus on the theme: special emphasis on the theme of the construction (some time is a figment) of the theme can give the soul to your plan, whether the plan is brief, messy or not.This will not only give you life, but also give you a sense of vitality in your homework and respect for the owner.The theme makes you agglutinate, blend the owner and your thought.

The display cabinet planning should also meet the actual conditions:

1. The booth planning and manufacturing should be in line with the actual situation, and do not mess up. The booth is made up of many aspects including layout, lighting, color, chart, exhibits, exhibition frame, display and so on.A good jewelry showcase plan is to combine these elements into one, helping exhibitors to reach the exhibition intention.

2. The display plan should be concise and not messy.

The average person can only afford limited information in an instant.If you can't get clear information in an instant, you won't like it.Other booth clutter is also easy to reduce the work power of the staff.The exhibits should be selected to represent a string of items, must have a selection, must give up.Conciseness and clarity are the best way to attract the audience.Photos, charts, and written instructions should be clear and concise.The planning and decoration which are not related to the exhibition policy and exhibition should be cut to the lowest level.

3. The booth planning should be prominent and focused.

Display ark should have center, have focal point, the focal point of display ark can attract attention.Focus selection should serve the purpose of the exhibition, which is usually a special product, a new product, and perhaps the most important product.The exhibits are highlighted by orientation, organization and lighting.

4. Display the theme clearly and communicate clearly.

The theme is the basic information and image conveyed to the visitors by the exhibitors, usually the exhibitors themselves or the products.A clear theme is the focus in one respect, and on the other hand, it is the use of appropriate colors, charts, and placement to form the same image in a coordinated way.

5. Plan for the display of the display cabinet.

It is unusual to attract more appreciators, and it is easier to appreciate the appreciation of zhao dong who walks into the booth and leaves an image, which will be touched upon in the future.Plan to be together, but don't get out of the way of showmanship and trading.

6. The display plan should be planned from the perspective of the audience.

The preservation of the display cabinet planning, especially the ancient temple court, the bank and so on, exaggerated permanence, prestige and magnificence.However, the exhibition of the competition shows that the success of the exhibition depends greatly on the audience's love and response.Therefore, the jewelry booth planning should consider the people, mainly the intention of the audience's intention mood, affection, concept, response and other elements.From the point of view of the policy audience, it is easy to arouse the attention of the audience, call them together, and leave a deep impression on the audience.

7. The booth planning should consider space.

The staff should also consider the number of employees and the number of visitors.The power of the crowded booth is not good, and some policy audiences will be lost to love.An empty booth will have the same effect.For this, booth area is the main factor.

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