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Jewelry display cabinet in the production of various selectivity!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:577    Pubtime:2017-12-22 09:42:20

1. Natural wood plank, such as beech wood, maple, oak, etc.

2. Artificial plates are made from wood, wood fiber, wood scraps or other plant fibers, and the adhesive and other additives are made of the plates.The main varieties of wooden man-made board are plywood, fiberboard, wood board, joinery board, scrap board, particleboard, ecological board, flame retardant board, decorative panel and assembly board.

1. Plywood: it is composed of three layers of single glue, which is divided into two kinds: hardwood and coniferous wood.

2. Fiberboard: a man-made board made from wood, bamboo or other plant fibers.The fiber board is divided into three kinds: hard fiber board, semi-rigid fiber board and soft fiber board.

3, fiberboard, aka Wan Liban, is the use of wood scraps, dig into wood wool machine, through chemical solution soaked, and then mixing cement, into the mould molding pressure, steam and solidification, drying and into.

4. Joinery board: it is made up of planks made from the core board, and the two surfaces are the solid plates of the essence veneer, commonly known as the big core board.

5. Broken wood: it is made by cutting, drying, gelatine and hot pressing.

6. Particle board: the particle board is also known as the broken material plate, which is the main raw material of wood scraps, which is used to apply the adhesive materials, and the additive has been compressed into thin plates.According to the pressing method, the particle board can be divided into extruded particleboard and flatten plane.

7, ecological board, also called melamine plate, is a different color or texture of paper soaked in the melamine resin adhesive, to a certain degree of curing and drying, the shop is in particieboard, moistureproof board, MDF, plywood, joinery board surface or other hardboard, via hot pressing and decorative board.

8. Flame retardant plate, impregnated paper with hot resin impregnated paper, with the impregnating process of melamine and phenolic resin, high temperature and high pressure.

9. Decorative panels, including small decorative wooden panels and decorative decorative panels.

A, decorative slender wood paste panel: it is A new kind of advanced decorative material, which is used for the use of precious tree species, such as smoking wood, water chestnut, and willow, etc., which is cut into thickness by precision plane cutting into the thickness of 0·2~ 0.SMM's thin pieces of wood, with plywood as base material, using advanced adhesives and adhesive technology.

B, lacquer building decoration board: it is one of the unique decorative plates in China. It is a unique lacquer technology of our country, which is made from Chinese lacquer on all kinds of wood grass roots.

C, printed wood grain man-made board: also known as surface decoration artificial board.It's a new kind of decoration panel.It is in the surface of the artificial board with the concave plate pattern glue roller to transfer the color printing press, printing with various patterns (like wood grain) made.The types include: printing wood grain plywood, printing wood fiber board, printing wood grain particleboard, etc.

10, scab, it is in northeast China ash, oak, fine wood, such as wood of walnut, take after drying treatment, processing the slit board, which after joining together the beautiful patterns.

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