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Jewelry Display Case

Jewelry display case and jewellery placement skills

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:27    Pubtime:2021-07-19 16:45:00
Jewelry display skills in the jewelry display case: 30% of the remaining space and 70% of the display goods. When you usually enter the jewelry store, have you paid attention to which jewelry display cabinets will attract your attention for the first time? And when choosing your favorite jewellery, have you noticed what proportions of the colors of the jewellery items and the jewellery are displayed?

In fact, it is these small details of the layout that greatly affect the sales performance of the store and the jewelry showcase. As each store specializes in different types of jewelry, generally the display will be adjusted accordingly. For example, stores specializing in diamonds and jade will take into account the privacy of customers' purchases. We noticed that many jewelry stores generally set up a porch at the entrance. Enter along the hallway, and stay on the right (people are used to turning right when entering the door). Some promotional products will be arranged to meet the needs of people of all levels in the first time. However, it is to classify all kinds of goods by region and record the sales figures of the day every day, and adjust the display of the goods according to the sales figures every week. This is the work that the exhibitor must do. At present, 30% of the remaining space is reserved for shipments at the jewelry counter, and 70% is used for display of goods. First, it is in line with the sense of hierarchy selected by customers, and second, the display of this proportion can make the entire counter beautiful and tidy. Modeling and lighting are the most important items in the display. The goods in the two adjacent jewelry showcases need to be adjusted with each other. A counter is displayed in a rhombus shape, so the layering of its placement needs special attention, and it is best to display the goods horizontally on the adjacent counter. First of all, it cannot be placed against the counter, and secondly, pay attention to gaps and intervals. The aesthetics can affect the effective choice of customers and the convenience of sales. For example, a jewellery store tried to put out an "L" and "V" shape with bracelets on the counter. The sales volume of bracelets in this single cabinet was significantly higher than that of other counters around that month. Take a bracelet priced at 10,000 yuan as an example. Under the illumination of four lights, the whole bracelet is transparent and emerald green. “Because of the lack of natural light inside the jewelry store, the placement of the illumination lamp can increase the brightness of the jewelry itself. This is also the most important step in the jewelry display. Since the color temperature is fixed, the brightness can be adjusted according to the goods in different display cases. The quality of jewelry.

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