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Jewelry shelves | jewelry display ark how to choose

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:luo    Visit:264    Pubtime:2017-04-18 16:05:48

Every road to decorate remind you: there are five key elements, should be strictly grasp.

The first: the service.

When choosing cases must choose after-sales service in place of the factory, so that there is a problem, can receive timely maintenance.Cases to use process, hinge is loose, mesa, the phenomenon of the scratch is easy to appear, good company will take the initiative to provide service for the customer, exhibiting ark and publicity and maintenance of common sense to the customer.Aiming at the existing natural cracking phenomenon of artificial stone, the customer can get how to repair, replacement and compensation, ambry company should have a clear, public commitment.

The second: the price war.

Consumers first for his own needs a general orientation, and then choose according to the positioning real cases, quality and price.Choose plain code firm offers of the company do not choose seemingly discount a lot actually black-box company, because good product cost is high also, manufacturers to survive must also maintain its reasonable profit space.If a brand can ridiculously low prices or a great discount, reasonable explanation is that the grade of raw materials is low, much lower purchase price accordingly, or its processing equipment is simple.

Third: the designer's concept.

Design the storefront of poor ability of the company does not have its own design, can only do simple design, does not have its own ideas on design and innovation, can only be behind others simply imitate, in the true sense of design contains two aspects of design and development, only guide under current under the company has strong design capabilities, can design a personalized display props exceeding the age.

Fourth: cases and work.

Main view, stage face plate, door plank box and seal, anti-collision whether the machine mold processing, whether a on both sides of repression.Good product use for a long time not blister and deformation.Sealing strip closes lax can cause lampblack, dust, insects out.Watch cases to work, attention should be paid to observe its details, such as plate cutting presence of small side damage, it can reflect whether the import material saw how quality;Whether such as gluing edge banding is close-grained, trimming is smooth and round, it can reflect the presence of imported sealing side machine, have automatic tracking trimming function;Such as hinge opening is smooth level off, it can reflect the presence of hinge machine, such as opening and closing door plank, the drawer is light and smooth, reflecting the hinge and track quality, such as the degree of flat plate, the bright and clean degree of mesa, etc.

Fifth: method of acceptance.

Check the ark of the panel back whether article waterproof seal not ooze water.The quality of the cupboard door hinge is also key.It is related to the quality of life of cupboard door open;Check the anchor of the leveling, and screw is the characteristic of moisture proof.On the choice of mesa, ought to facilitate cleaning, and the wear-resisting performance is good.

The following five elements is important.

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