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Jewelry showcase is a stage that highlights the charm of jewelry. How to design it?

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The purpose of the jewelry showcase design is to enable consumers to receive information most efficiently in a limited space. Therefore, the jewelry display cabinet design is built around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the exhibition activities. What are the requirements for jewelry showcase design? Then Fan Road Jewelry Showcase will share with you.

Jewelry showcases should be harmonious and not disorganized. The stand is composed of many aspects, including layout, lighting, color, graphics, exhibits, display stands, and exhibition equipment. Good jewelry showcase design is to integrate these factors into one, to help exhibitors achieve the purpose of exhibition.

First, the jewelry showcase design should be simple and generous, not too complicated

The average person can only accept limited information in an instant. The audience walks in a hurry, and if they can't get clear information in an instant, they won't be interested. In addition, the complexity of the booth is also easy to reduce the efficiency of the booth staff. The choice of exhibits must be representative, must be chosen, and must be abandoned. Conciseness and clarity are the best ways to attract the attention of the audience. Photographs, diagrams, and captions should be clear and concise, and design decorations that are not related to the purpose of the exhibition and the content of the exhibit should be minimized.

Second, the jewelry showcase design should highlight the focus

Jewelry showcase design should be centered and focused. The focus of the booth can attract attention. The choice of focus should be in line with the purpose of the exhibition. It will generally be a special product, a new product, or a very important product. The key exhibits will be highlighted through the design of location, layout and lighting.

Third, the design of the jewelry showcase should clearly express the theme and clarify the information to be transmitted.

The theme is the basic information and impression that the exhibitor wishes to pass to the visitors, usually the exhibitor itself or the product. A clear theme is the focus on the one hand, and on the other hand it is the use of appropriate color combinations, design styles and arrangements to create a unified impression in a coordinated manner.

Fourth, the jewelry showcase design should have a striking sign

The distinctive design attracts the attention of the visitors, making it easier for visitors to identify and recognize the product, remember the product, and be impressed from it and will be touched later. The design should be unique and novel, attracting the attention of the audience, but do not leave the exhibition target and business image.

5. Jewelry showcase design should be designed from the perspective of the audience's goals.

The traditional jewelry showcase design, especially temples, palaces, banks, etc., emphasizes eternal, authoritative and spectacular. But at competitive competitions, the success of the exhibition depends to a large extent on the interest and reaction of the audience. Therefore, the design of jewelry showcases should consider people, mainly the purpose, mood, interests, opinions, and reactions of the target audience. Designing from the perspective of the target audience is likely to attract the attention and resonance of the target audience and leave a deep impression on the audience.

Sixth, jewelry showcase design should consider space

Jewelry showcase designers should consider the number of booth staff and the number of visitors. The crowded booths are not working well and will cause some target audiences to lose interest. The empty booth will have the same effect. In this regard, the use of booth area is the main factor.

Seven, jewelry showcase design should consider the safety of people flow

Exhibitors may wish to have a large amount of free walking space in the booth, so that the audience can positively understand the product information, and perhaps also want to record the information of each audience. The booth arrangement is the key factor for the flow control management. Therefore, designers of jewelry showcases must begin to understand what kind of people the exhibitors want.

Eight, the booth of the jewelry showcase design should be easy to build

The structure of the booth should be simple and can be assembled and disassembled within the specified time. Construction and demolition time is usually determined by the organizer of the exhibition. Designers of jewelry showcases should understand the construction time before starting the design. Jewelry showcase design should be cautious and cannot be easily changed.

When designing a jewelry showcase, consider thoughtful and comprehensive. Once the design of the jewelry showcase is discussed, don't change it easily, especially in the later production. This may delay the construction time and increase the cost and even affect the overall effect. . Budgets are often inaccurate. There may be a big gap between budget and design. As a jewelry showcase designer, you must realistically accept the budget and try your best to design the jewelry showcase within the budget. If the budget is not clear, it does not mean there is no limit. This is likely to cause a lot of trouble.
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