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Jewelry stores are not only important in jewelry displays, but also in store design.

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Every shop pays attention to the adornment of the window, because the gate of the shop is like a person's mouth, and the window is like the person's eye, have decisive effect to the flourishing property of the shop.Whether the eyes are bright and bright, they need to be comprehensively examined and laid out.

The shop window is an important element of storefront design, the size and adornment style of the shop window should refer to the size of whole storefront, proportion, and the style of the building that is in.

This part of the design should be consistent with the architectural style of the ground.The window should be connected to the footstone and the vertical plate.In the design of the window, should avoid large area use uncut plate glass, because the effect is slightly empty, and once the damage is replaced, the cost is expensive.The solution to this problem is to separate the glass in the vertical direction.The vertical separation should refer to other floors within the building.This will help stabilize the vision.This kind of design method is very common in your traditional storefront, it is also suitable for modern style storefront design.

Excessive sticker and color film should be avoided in the window.The display at the window should be carefully considered.Sometimes the storefront Windows are filled with posters, stickers, temporary banners and lighting decorations, which can cause interference in the appearance of the entire store and even the street landscape, which should be avoided.As a kind of security measure, also for public safety consideration, it is recommended to use laminated glass in the window.

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