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Lighting elements are indispensable for Funroad exhibition cabinet

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:30    Pubtime:2020-09-24 10:27:42
  In order to create a dazzling display cabinet in Funroad, lighting elements are indispensable. In the exhibition plan, if the lighting is used properly, the art effect of Funroad exhibition cabinet will be completely new and unique. Lighting is the most important link in the exhibition hall planning. Lighting can play a primary role in the conference space environment. There are five main effects of lighting in conference space environment:

1. Conventional lighting.

  All lighting. This kind of illumination is the usual illumination, which can be seen and distinguished clearly. It only needs the beginning, simple distribution and organization, its characteristic is that the light distribution is uniform, the environment object color is similar to the effect under the natural light, the article can be clearly and accurately displayed in all angles and directions.

  Some key lighting. This kind of lighting has a policy, which focuses on a particular part of the key and weakens or virtualizes other lights. Some of the key lighting objects have a strong sense of three-dimensional and space, excellent vision and convergence, with dramatic effect, which makes people feel rich and vivid visual beauty.

2. Depict the situation and set off the air.

  With the help of the change of lighting color, brightness and angle, the exhibition hall plan gives customers a more advanced understanding and enables them to integrate into the planned air of products more quickly. In the exhibition plan, the use of lighting features and the construction situation are not only to enhance the artistic effect, but also to provide customers with sensory and spiritual enjoyment.

3. Increase the sense of space and three-dimensional.

  The area of Funroad exhibition cabinet is widely and relatively small. A professional planner will know how to use the light to change the narrow space. For example, lighting the wall with light will make the space appear wider. For Funroad Exhibition cabinets, especially the promotion type of Funroad Exhibition cabinets, changing the exhibition space by lighting often brings some unexpected effects.

4. Art of light and shadow.

  In addition to the usual lighting effect in the exhibition, the plan of lighting art with lighting is another primary effect. Lighting is planned by means of light stacking and shading, which constitutes an attractive art of light and shadow. Therefore, the lighting plan in the exhibition is very bright and dazzling. Through the combination of light, dark and light, it can show the sense of spatial hierarchy and product characteristics, and show the civilization of participating companies.

5. Decorative lighting.

  This is one of the most artistic lighting plans. It is characterized by the use of various and colorful lamps and lights to create a special visual effect, with dramatic decoration.

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