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Medium and high-end stainless steel jewelry display cabinet design and production skills!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:303    Pubtime:2018-03-26 09:49:16

In high-end stainless steel jewelry cases and design skills, under is our contact more at ordinary times, so how to better design our shelves, for stainless steel jewelry shelves and what design techniques, the following is to look at it.

Cases and there are many kinds of, but most of the cases and very focus on surface treatment, surface treatment is good even came close to the material of production also will be very beautiful, the stand or fall of material can be decided to use the life, but can't decide the stand or fall of surface, the surface quality is mainly related to makers of technology and production environment, so we speak a this time only with the relevant cases and types of technology.

We see a storefront in many places surface like is made of real wood, look very beautiful, the feeling is very strong, in fact it's not real wood, real wood of general production cost is too high, many businesses are reluctant to choose high price storefront, usually in order to achieve the same effect would be in the surface layer of wood veneer, results from it's much less, but the service life and there is a big difference of real wood, solid wood in furniture is the most widely used of inside, in cases to use or less.Why is it related to technology? The wooden skin that the good master sticks out is hard to see and the difference between the real wood, the poor master can see it at a glance, why?We take a speaking, stick wood coincide with edge is difficult, of course, technology is good in theory, then how to deal with bad, many people may directly use the blade cutting directly, blade cutting is not the average person can casually cut good, can appear a bad wood veneer broken gap, the inside of the porous material at a glance to see out, finally can only use paint to fill, to fill the good is to say, repair bad then finished, to a special waste of time.

Another approach is to directly use sandpaper or with a small hand slowly grinding mill, until the grinding and edge alignment, this border will do very well, and there is burr will also be wear off, then we in the brush varnish, looks very beautiful.

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of jewelry store display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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