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Popular science jewelry display counter glass material!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:304    Pubtime:2018-03-22 09:25:43

Cases and manufacturers know that jewelry cases to use a lot of glass, particularly in the mobile phone cases and a lot of glass jewelry cases to use above, sometimes may be a wooden or iron shelves and then all of them are around the glass, that since so many glass will certainly produce a security issue, decorative glass can do but improper operation but very hurt, so we want to know what are the varieties, at the time of operation and we know that should pay attention to what, what what to do.

Jewelry cases and glass usually has two kinds of green glass and super white glass, it is easy to distinguish, green glass from the side is blue is very obvious, super pepper is deeply understand from the side, on the can tell at a glance, green bo are cheaper, super white glass is expensive, so a lot of customers are willing to choose green bo to make.

The commonly used jewelry display case glass is divided into steel and non-steel, the advantage of steel is that the surface will be stiffened and the safety factor is higher, how can the steel be resolved?Tapping the surface will be ringing noise, and rupture is not a single piece of rotten, but a small piece of small pieces of won't cut, broken mouth not too sharp, toughened do?Take a piece of perfectly good glass and put it in the oven of the baked glass. When it melts to 6.70%, take it out and form it.Haven't toughened is a large piece of broken, but also particularly sharp, must be tempered in price is more expensive, so a lot of customers also won't choose tempered, but also have special requirements, of course, jewelry cases and museum exhibition shelves with even more.

And jewelry cases to use laminated glass, post processing, relatively tempered laminated glass is no ordinary laminated glass is good, because after toughened glass surface will appear slightly uneven phenomenon, without careful observation is the look not to come out, when the surface is rough laminating can appear bubbles, looks not good-looking, but still there are ways of doing.

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