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Science a jewelry display ark production process six steps!

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:600    Pubtime:2017-12-15 09:36:25

Jewelry cases is a kind of is mainly used in department stores, supermarkets and other stores display of goods, storage of goods, have personal appearance, powerful function, but also to have the advertising effect, so as to achieve better profit purposes.The processing procedure of guiyang display case can be divided into six steps:

1. Detailed calculation of display cabinets, display and layout, and other kinds of drawings.According to the exhibition site construction progress plan, all kinds of shelves, display and layout of each batch to the specific time and specific number, drawing up order processing, for processing raw material ordering cycle, to allow time allowance, reasonable order and order in advance, make sure to play.

2, make jewelry shelves, exhibition and model confirmed layout system, carries on the shelves, exhibition and model the confirmation of layout, shelves, display and model to conform to the requirements of the design, layout and meet the requirements of installation and security needs, after the supervision unit and construction unit is determined, then according to the system for the auspicious light quality inspection car, can only be carried out after the inspection batch processing production.

3. Conduct market research, reasonably control costs and strive for high quality and low price;Good progressive price comparison, determine the qualification, reputation, strong comprehensive strength of storefront, exhibition and the forum order processors and suppliers, production processing contracts, to ensure that the production processing of storefront, exhibition and the forum quality and present time to lay a solid foundation.

4, goes according to plan production and processing, completes the order processing part of the shelves, display and layout of tracking work, arrange the specialist of order and processing shelves, display and layout of dynamic management, grasping the storefront, exhibition and layout of the immediate situation.

5, do a good job processing call, process inspection and finished product packaging, found unqualified finished product should be strictly refused, and will be recorded in the number of unqualified products in time, formulate emergency processing plan, ensure that meet the needs of the on-site installation construction.

6, shelves, display and layout of transportation planning, to ensure that the shelves, display and layout of transportation safety, the arrival of the goods inspection and unloading safety work, to eliminate undesirable, exhibiting ark, exhibition and forum.

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