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Several Problems Needing Attention in Show Cabinet Factory

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:42    Pubtime:2019-01-23 17:50:10
Nowadays, the development of display cabinet industry is influenced and restricted by more and more external factors. In fact, this is also the inevitable situation after the development of the industry to a certain stage. No matter whether the market environment is good or bad, we should always conform to it and ensure the normal development of display cabinet industry. Among these factors, display cabinet factories play an important role. But you know what? In order to design and produce a tall display cabinet, display cabinet factories need to do the following major things.

First, the cost problem

What kind of materials should we choose for the display cabinet? More or less material? How to effectively utilize the remaining materials? How to reuse or reuse existing materials? How to organize and organize the production process? How to make full use of existing resources to reduce the production cycle of display cabinets? How to reduce the distribution of staff without affecting the production process of display cabinets? How to ensure the quantity and effectively control the production quality of display cabinet? ... If you can answer these basic questions quickly, it shows that your Showcase Display Cabinet Factory has formed a certain scale and has many years of production and production experience. Funroad Exhibition Cabinet Factory reminds you that cost control should be implemented into the details of each process, to find problems from reality, according to the factory's own situation to effectively control the production cost of display cabinets.

Second, the paint problem of display cabinet construction

The real strength of exhibition cabinet factories is largely embodied in the painting process. Not every factory has its own unique painting process. Some small workshops only have manual painting, but no machine control, and even no real paint baking room. Can such factories produce and produce Exhibition cabinets with excellent quality? In the construction of paint, the rough treatment of materials, the treatment of color paint, the treatment of primer, the decoration of topcoat.. Do a good job in the construction of paint, the production of display cabinet is even a big step forward.

Third, Disposal of Display Cabinet in Special Environment

Customers need to order display cabinets at any time, without special selection of seasons or days. How can we make our display cabinets adapt well to the harsh environment as usual? Like hot summer days. Faced with this problem, we should select more delicate wood, suitable for the selection of dryer type as materials, because if we choose the wood that is not completely dry, then in such a dry and miscellaneous environment, when the water evaporation is complete, the display cabinet we have made will appear cracks and distortion phenomenon; paint should also be extra cautious, in the allocation of paint. After the display cabinet is finished, it is better to choose the cooler time in the morning or evening for delivery.

Fourth, Environmental Protection

We know that environmental protection is not only a consciousness, but also a spirit, which is highly respected by all, and it will be the inevitable trend of the development of the times in the future. The same is true for display cabinet factories. Stainless steel materials and tempered glass, built-in LED tube lamps, leather products are only basic materials on the surface. They really want to be environmentally friendly. They are in many ways, such as using advanced stainless steel materials, using non-toxic and harmless environmental paint, and using environmentally friendly wood panels as far as possible. It can be said that the high-end display cabinet from the environmental protection, environmental protection is not overnight, to continue, but also to adhere to environmental awareness, more from the perspective of environmental protection to produce display cabinets.

This is the end of the introduction of several problems that should be paid attention to in the display cabinet factory. Funroad Commercial Show looks forward to cooperating with you.
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