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Several reference points for the production of commercial display cabinets on Funroad

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路深圳展柜厂    Visit:283    Pubtime:2018-06-07 13:18:24

A good article should be around a certain purpose no matter what, time is always change, are also constantly updated, the following a mundane way under factory always around making cases and a few little purpose.

1. Creative standards

Everything is always aimed at creating something new.Creation is the main feature of the new century.The creativity of display design is mainly reflected in the originality of the new ideas and the uniqueness of artistic images.This unique image gives people: unforgettable, exciting, shocking and effective market performance to achieve the most effective innovation.This kind of creation involves the orientation of form, the imagination of space, the choice of materials, the peculiarity of structure, the treatment of color and the novelty of methods.

2. Industry standards

It can also be called functional standards.It is mainly about the unity of form and content.The design of every industry also is different naturally, design gem to show ark cannot use to cosmetic to show ark, what became like that.

3. Integrity standards

Integration and unification are the primary standards of display art.Unified form, color, technology and style.In a word, good design in the art form of order, are very clear.

4. Time standard

It can also be called conceptual standard.The concept of the age permeates every cell of the display art design.At present, display design should reflect the following viewpoints: new comprehensive concept, people-oriented concept, space-time concept, ecological concept, system concept, information concept, high-tech concept, etc.

5. Cultural standards

Design should have its own style and taste, in which regional and national cultural traditions should also be displayed in the design, after all, it is a symbol of development under the historical inheritance.

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