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Shoe display cabinet design can effectively improve sales!

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:221    Pubtime:2019-03-18 17:14:02
Because of the small size of shoes, it is more difficult to attract people's attention than clothes, textiles and so on. In order to attract customers'attention to fashion personality, shoe display cabinet is particularly important. How to design the shoe display cabinet with fashionable personality?

1. Lighting plays a key role in shoe shop decoration. The same pair of shoe lighting and no lighting show a completely different effect. For example, some single display of high-end women's shoes pictures, we must use the spotlight to foil. The color of light should also be appropriate. Blue light gives people a cold, indifferent and hallucinating feeling (selling sandals and slippers), yellow light and shoe display cabinet give people a warm feeling (selling autumn shoes and winter shoes).

2. The color of shoe display cabinet should be in harmony with the decoration color of shop. The color of shoe display cabinet is integrated with the decoration color of shoe shop, so that people can see the main color of your shoe store at a glance. Before shoe shop decoration begins, let shoe shop design shoe display cabinet effect map, but it is not recommended that shoe and decoration color are completely identical. That will make shoe shop display cabinet appear very dull and old-fashioned, so that part of the shoe shop should be compared and comply with the overall.

3. Shoe display cabinet style should be more novel, not too outdated. Before decoration, it is better to find a professional display cabinet manufacturer to communicate with the design effect drawing for reference. Showcase is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, production and after-sales service of display products. Has been committed to clothing, cosmetics, shoes, leather business space and brand image research and development, focusing on the atmosphere of the store, design trends and brand image building.

This is the introduction that shoe display cabinet design can effectively improve sales. Funroad Business Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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