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Shop how to use the space to design and merchandise match the display ark!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:646    Pubtime:2017-10-24 10:28:07

In 2017, domestic stores will need to check the display cases, business scope, fire fighting equipment, safety monitoring equipment and safety export Settings.The head of the store should take a responsible attitude towards life and property and take the responsibility of management to ensure the overall safety of the shopping mall.To according to the characteristics of the business place, intensify to fire safety clearance during the festival, at the same time increase the safety knowledge of management, various ShangWei personnel training, to ensure the safe hidden trouble.The following is a brief introduction to the design of the display cabinet and the coordination of the products.

For example, the shenzhen fan road display container takes full advantage of the construction day, ground, wall, column and beam space structure, so that the display of the goods and the brand image display face and line can be extended as far as possible.If the display case is located at the center of the store or escalator position, use the pole to extend the display.If there are no pillars, it can also mobilize the properties of materials to build walls without walls and columns, but consider the overall requirements of store height.

The visual effect of the space, dense, high, low and the display should be in line with ergonomics. In order to make customers feel comfortable, it is convenient for customers to browse and deliver goods.Especially according to the geometry characteristics of the product appearance, such as the soft of the specifications of the goods of men's, women's, children's wear has obvious difference, thus design cases and the length, width and height and display mode is also different.Hard goods shelves display space design is much more complex than soft commodities, it mainly depends on hard goods classification, shape the geometry characteristics of each different, so the design of hard goods exhibition space, more research, analysis, geometry characteristics of the shape of goods.

Between the shelves and shelves, shelves and channel spacing between exhibition, exhibition stand, in principle, requirement is not less than 900 mm, thus facilitate customer flow or stop to choose goods, won't cause the customer hang, knock, touch and collision problem between customers;

The height of the display cabinet in a brand area should follow the principle of low and high stair.Adjacent channel soft commodities exhibition stand design highly difficult too high (1500 mm) thickness not more than 600 mm, and have appear a gender, this is convenient for the customer to watch commodities or perspective to display, at the same time is conducive to the assistant view products and customers, avoid the loss of goods).

Whether soft commodities or hard goods display shelves, exhibition stand point, line, plane design, generally speaking, simple line, especially the moulding or less surface and not easy to complex, for the storefront, exhibition shelf is props is foil products, too many lines or decorative lines will affect the display of goods, the formation of primary and secondary is not divided into, will also disrupt the line of sight of customers choose goods.At the same time, too many decorative lines will increase the cost of production and increase the cost.

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