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Show cabinet made of grade A fire-proof material necessary for shopping malls

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:232    Pubtime:2019-05-06 17:31:19
As a large-scale place with prosperous economy and convenient shopping, malls expose more shortcomings of fire safety management in malls in the vicious fire accidents happened repeatedly in recent years, together with a wide range of commodities, business scope, more centralized personnel, flammable management defects and so on, which all increase the fire risk of malls. In order to avoid the occurrence of fire, Funroad display cabinet manufacturers teach you how to do a good job of fire prevention measures.

For display cabinet manufacturers, they will paint or spray flame retardant materials on the surface of display cabinet according to the requirements of the shopping mall. Flame retardant coatings are commonly used to treat the exterior of display cabinets. Lacquer film will age over a long period of time under the effect of environmental factors, so it is necessary to protect the film regularly to be useful. The other is swelling paint. This kind of paint burns quickly before the wood ignites, and produces a kind of non-flammable gas, which expands rapidly. It forms a protective layer on the outside of the wood, which makes it difficult for the flammable gas formed by wood thermal differentiation to be ignited by the external fire source, so it can not constitute a flammable burning, and the flame retardant effect is good. However, the appearance of this coating is poor, and it is necessary to protect it frequently in order to maintain a useful flame retardant effect.

For the staff of shopping malls, we should do a good job in management and propaganda work. For some shopping malls, there are some deficiencies in the safety system, or fail to follow the rules. We should put the responsibility system of safety and fire prevention in place, strengthen the training and propaganda of fire safety knowledge, enhance the awareness of fire prevention, and make the effective management and necessary maintenance of fire protection facilities in shopping malls.

You can also see the case of all-A fire-proof material exhibition cabinet made by Funroad, Shenzhen Bay Ole'boutique supermarket, all-A fire-proof material exhibition cabinet made by Funroad.

This is the introduction of the display cabinet made of the necessary A-grade fire-proof material in the shopping mall. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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