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Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet design and production of stainless steel materials of various requirements

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:586    Pubtime:2018-01-04 09:26:20

The shenzhen fan road show ark factory reminds you: in the jewelry display ark custom-made process, as unprofessional consumer, need how to differentiate a display ark of quality good or bad?Today, we have a "stainless steel jewelry display cabinet design and production of stainless steel material handling and instruction".

1. The quality of stainless steel raw materials

Data models: stainless steel used in the jewelry store display rules in the raw material of more for two kinds of models 201 and 304, like Cartier jewelry, tiffany jewelry and other high-end jewelry brand above the material of the stainless steel jewelry cases and much is made of 304 stainless steel, made of 304 stainless steel jewelry in capital cases and 30% higher than 201 stainless steel prices.But for 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel in the electroplating water after plating may be unable to see from appearance whether it is 304 or 201 stainless steel, so in terms of material selection, we advocate the customer to select the accounting on the basis of itself, if accounting higher can choose 304 stainless steel, accounting is low, on the other hand can pick out 201 stainless steel.

The thickness of the material: in the process of stainless steel jewelry shelves manufacturing, many non-professional consumers neglect the thickness of the stainless steel, originally about stainless steel jewelry exhibition shelves, the stability of its structure and the thickness of the stainless steel on the appearance after polishing grinding is high and low inequality.Our company in the manufacture of stainless steel jewelry cases chosen will be marked on the stainless steel material thickness of the convention for the market of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel thickness of 1.3 mm thick (practice), if customers have special request we can also according to customer request to apply, for example use 2.0 mm of stainless steel.

2. Stainless steel welding, polishing and polishing

Full welding process is a professional display cabinet manufacturer must use.The good stainless steel jewelry display case of the welding treatment mode is full welding treatment.The so-called full welding is to remove two separate stainless steel from a distance, and then welding seam welding seam.

If in the process of polishing grinding polishing not dealing with good, in solid colors such as rose gold, champagne gold color after plating, stainless steel if the fully polished (no solder joints of local and polishing) is not a piece of area and don't be an area of significant dividing line between off color, the non-expert consumers is outwardly simple look not to come out, want to look from the different point of view, will see.Another thing is that if polishing and sanding processing is not good, the appearance of the display will appear to be uneven.It will affect the beauty of display cabinets!

The processing of the stitching is also necessary in the manufacturing of stainless steel jewelry display cases. Good stitching is better than straight, the diagonal has no twists and turns, and the whole is looking neat and beautiful.

3. The quality of stainless steel plating technology

Stainless steel electroplating is the process of color of stainless steel, after the stainless steel electroplating will seal oil to do anti-oxidation anti-fingerprint processing.Want to know what plating owe good, first to see whether the electrodeposited coating, plating is too thin to quietly a row with hard objects Can see the stainless steel color, if the electroplating is thick, even if you push a lot of to cut ceng are not immediately obvious stainless steel color, can see or plating color.In stainless steel if don't need to do plating, under the condition of sticking to its original color, we wuhan storefront claims must do sealing oil processing, otherwise to use in the process of cleaning maintenance will be very trouble, often have fingerprints don't rub off, and not 201 drawing stainless steel without primary seal oil processing Condition moment longer appearance simple oxidation rust.

4. The assembling of stainless steel jewelry display cabinets is good and bad

There are many details in the assembly process that decide the quality of the display.The application of the slide rail, the adhesion of the glass glue and the joint size of the suction plate and the stainless steel are three big factors.

The application of the slide rail, the thickness of the sliding rail, the quality of the slide, the good slide rail pull is not loud and easy to pull.The slide track is thin and its acceptable gravity is smaller. In the drawer of the stainless steel jewelry display case, the thin slide track USES the life because the weight of the small factors will be long.So when choosing, the hardware fittings of the display cabinet should be strictly controlled.

Glass glue about the appearance of a display cabinet is very important, the glass glue dozen good line very thin very fine, fine to you look closely at the situation that can not see at all.

The juncture of drawer and stainless steel cabinet is about the appearance of the display ark is also particularly important, if juncture is big certainly will affect to beautiful degree.

Above all, the author in the summary to the, in the selection of stainless steel jewelry display ark custom-made, we from the material thickness is careful, the electric plating, polishing grinding processing and exhibition shelves to the thickness of metal parts and glass glue and so on four aspects to define a storefront is good or bad.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years' experience in the display cabinet of jewelry stores, and in 2017 will help you to promote brand value quickly.

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