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Take you to understand the jewelry display case design popular form aesthetic feeling

Source:珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:687    Pubtime:2017-09-13 13:34:52

Jewelry display ark that reveals ark as bearer of jewelry, if can design very well, can be successfully establishing a good brand image of jewelry enterprise, also can successfully enhance everyday life people care about jewelry brand and memory degrees.At the same time, a very fine jewelry display cabinet can improve the sales of jewelry.Accordingly, the formal beauty of jewelry display ark design is very important!

In the design of jewelry display cabinets, designers tend to determine the design and space style of jewelry display cases, or classical or fashionable or atmospheric or European...No matter which style and style are to highlight the good image of the jewelry brand and the cultural essence of the enterprise.So, jewelry shelves design form is very important, so-called "beauty" is not only reflected in the design of jewelry shelves on modelling, must through the atmosphere of whole space style reflects the and cultural aspects of art, of course, will send these to the limit is not an easy thing.

Because everyone's aesthetic is different, some customers like to post-modern style, some like the baroque style, while others like the nature, but all the design more recommend the customer to choose with local characteristics, only modelling jewelry cases with local characteristics and space design can better show the local humanistic spirit, talent is your store in the local popular.The design of jewelry display ark should have localism element, want to do formal beauty again, afraid be many stylist is not to be able to eat.

Every road jewelry display ark direct manufacturer engaged in design and production of jewelry shelves for many years, in outstanding form aspects of jewelry cases or very experienced, today to share with you how to design and create the "aesthetic" jewelry cases.

Firstly, in the production of jewelry display case, we should consider how to arrange the relationship between the form and content in the form of jewelry display cabinet in the store.Obviously, it is not advisable to simply pursue the so-called jewelry display cabinet to make style and form, which is to put the cart before the horse.In the design and creation of jewelry display cabinet, some fixed form can not be restricted to active thinking.For example, in build a space pure and fresh quietly elegant atmosphere, should be boldly spell except the tedious jewelry cases to make patterns, in combination with concise line, face, body weight of jewelry cases to make space, in order to show its pure.

Second, choose intermediate tone in colour, to show its elegant.Choose its light and coarse in texture to show its cool.Add appropriate appropriate decorations, such as: curtain, bonsai, sculpture, painting, wall hang, lamps and lanterns to show its rhyme.This is what we usually call the internal, jewelry design requires is the inner storefront and space, only the internal performance and outstanding can have beautiful art form, to show the brand and the formal beauty of the enterprise.

A good jewelry cases and the design of ingenious design, not only have to do is have to choose the appropriate high-quality raw materials to the cases and the perfect embodiment of design essence brought out.

So what is the best material for jewelry display cabinets?

In fact, the raw materials for jewelry display cases are very diverse.In order to be able to benefit more and highlight the massiness of jewelry and beautiful, I can choose to solid material such as wooden fish stone made of jewelry display ark, real wood material that can reflect a kind of strong historical vicissitudes of life and the material easy to processing design, two stone material that can give a person a kind of atmosphere and the feeling of massiness, let this kind of product on the basis of fashion jewelry and not lack of the atmosphere.So the visual effect of these two materials in making jewelry display ark is very good, can foil the luxurious and elegant temperament of jewelry.Of course, apart from solid wood and stone materials, the metal and hard glue can also be used as raw materials for jewelry display cases.

Finally, also need to pay attention to is the production of jewelry cases and also should follow the principle of "green design", such as light, LED light source, air flow, the adornment such as the curtain of material selection and layout are very important, from the perspective of customers, in order to "green", "health" as the clever points can be completely perform its "aesthetic" perfection, loved and welcomed by the people.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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