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The clothing display cabinet designed in this way adds the charm of clothing

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:229    Pubtime:2018-12-05 17:50:04
When shopping in the mall to buy clothes, it is often not the clothing products, but the clothing display cabinets that display the clothing, so this is also a place where the designers are more powerful. However, in some large-scale exhibitions, there are often some exhibiting companies that will inevitably be allocated to smaller display spaces, and the considerable reason for lack of lighting or lighting has greatly increased the design of clothing display cabinets. This requires designers to design solutions. Today, where the road showcase factory talks about how to design a cosmetics display cabinet can be more attractive?

    First of all, the small standard is adopted in the design of the clothing display cabinet. In the smaller clothing display area, the booth shape and display props should not be made too large, but should be coordinated with the standard of the display space. The basis for the upper body standard should be chosen in the standard selection to make the visitors feel happy and happy. Secondly, the space interface and display channel should be white or light. White and light colors are used on the surface of the wall shed or props and the appearance of the partition, which will increase the spaciousness of the space. The use of deep colors will make people feel that the space is small and the mood is depressed and melancholy.

    Finally, the exhibition hall environment can be combined with the overall photo and partial photos. If the exhibition hall is short, it can be arranged in rows or squares on the ceiling according to the group of grid lights. Or use the slot lighting to illuminate the ceiling. Straight-tube fluorescent lamps can also be used to make large-area light-emitting ceilings. It can also use advanced lighting technology to brighten the ceiling, walls and ground of the entire site. If you are going to open a clothing store, you can come to us.

The introduction of the clothing display cabinet designed in this way to add the charm of clothing is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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