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The concept analysis and characteristic analysis of jewelry display window design!

Source:深圳展柜设计定制厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:90    Pubtime:2018-05-22 09:44:51

Display design and display design of jewelry products.

Cases is an important part in jewelry stores and shop counters display and sale of part of a visual impact of jewelry shelves can not only grasp the customer's line of sight, will firmly seize the customer heart, won't be ignored any business cases and exhibition design and display layout.For the display design of jewelry display case, the designer should have the following qualities, the theme is clear, the modelling is chic, unique, rich culture breath and artistic grade.

In specific cases to display display designer, need to grasp the design concept of jewelry designer, understand the product's selling point, and choose suitable material according to requirements of the display design, display props, exhibition design work.


1.Under the structure

The display cabinet is usually made up of the bottom, top, back plate and side board.According to the completeness of the component, the display can be divided into:

(1) "sealing display cabinet" : the complete display cabinet of the above part is called the sealed display cabinet.

(2) "open exhibition cabinet" : not all display cabinets have the above four parts, and many display cases are only part of them.

2.Classification of display cabinets in space design:

Forward display case: stand upright wall, single or multiple arrangement, facing the street or facing the customer channel. Generally, customers only see the displayed goods in the positive direction.

Bi-directional shelves: cases and parallel arrangement, face to extend to the store entrance, or in the store passageways, cases and lagging multi-purpose transparent glass production, customers can watch the display on two sides of the exhibits.

Multi-directional display case: the display cabinet is usually set in the center of the store. The backboard and side panels of the display cabinet are made of transparent glass, and the customers can view the exhibits in various directions.

Display the jewelry items that need to be displayed.

The jewelry that is displayed as the display design is the main character of the display design, which is the soul of the booth design.The specific choice is to consider the characteristics, quantity and overall visual effect of the main products of the season, so as to maximize the display.

1.Selection of variety visual effects :(1) display design effect of variety features;(2) correspond with other products of the booth.

2.Display quantity selection :(1) show the number of varieties;(2) display the number of exhibits.

Display composition of jewelry items.

In front of the display shelves, in order to make jewelry display design effects and get the expected sales presentation, will be carried out on the design of the display of products form design, planning, and to form the final show effect, known as the jewelry display shelves of pre-planning.In the early stage of planning, there are many methods of display display, such as balance method and contrast method.

1.Equilibrium method: equilibrium is the balance. In the display case, the quantity and material of the exhibits should be balanced and stable in vision.Including symmetric and asymmetrical balance.

2.Comparison method: comparative method is also called comparative method, which means that the subjects of the exhibits can be highlighted from the background by means of comparison of size, comparison of primary and secondary and texture contrast.

(1) comparison of the size of the display design of jewelry items: the comparison of size and size is a way to highlight the subject matter by comparing the space size of the object's own volume or area.

(2) the jewelry display design of primary and secondary contrast: contrast is one of the primary and secondary to carve, and mainly exhibits on display for the secondary items or decorations thick line layout to highlight the main technique characteristics of the display of products.

The texture contrast of the display design of jewelry items: the display of different textures or decorations are displayed together, and the visual difference caused by texture is used to highlight a display mode of the exhibits.

The color selection of the display design of jewelry displays should consider the following points:

1. Design color selection of jewelry display cabinet: the color selection of jewelry display cabinet should be restricted by the display content and environment.

2. The design color of jewelry display case should be coordinated with the color of the jewelry displayed.

3. The display design color of jewelry display cabinet should be consistent with the display theme.

4. The design color of jewelry display cabinet should be consistent with the environment.

For the study of display design major, there is no requirement that anyone can choose one or several favorite courses to study.But if you think of it as a career and you want to stick with it for a long time, some of them may not be suitable for the industry at all.Therefore, I hope you can make a clear and detailed understanding of yourself and the industry before you decide to study and devote yourself to the display business.

The above article is provided by shenzhen fan road display cabinet manufacturer, 20 years display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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