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The concept of open paint and closed paint for cosmetic display cases!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:602    Pubtime:2017-10-26 14:13:12

The jewelry showcases industry often talks about the concept of open paint and closed paint.Actually do this craft, mainly aimed at the product with solid wood and panel.For example, if you want to keep the rugged natural grain of a cabinet, use open paint.Conversely, the use of closed paint, the uneven grain of the road, we will feel smooth and smooth effect.

Let's start with the type of paint;In the 18 categories, there are PU, PE and NC for wood furniture, as well as light curing varnish, acid curing baking varnish, alkyd, phenolic, ester gum, oil paint (generally tongoil or linseed oil polymerization).And latex paint, lacquer.In fact, the application of the latter is not widely used, the most application is PU, PE, nitro.

Open paint

Open lacquer refers to the natural characteristics can see mu wen, just change the color, this is the European and American countries commonly used coating methods, namely on the substrate of already processed with water-based paste wood color, then through grinding, primer, and then on the transparent paint.

Basic process flow is: grinding -- primer -- grinding -- bottom coloring -- second coat of paint -- polishing -- surface paint

However, the open paint relies too much on the texture of the original wood matrix, so it is relatively strict and strict in the selection.Therefore, the open paint is a kind of painting process that completely exposed the surface texture of wood surface, which is obvious, clear texture and strong natural feeling, but high cost and high requirement for spraying technology.Generally speaking, it is necessary to make the brown hole of wood for the wood to be very deep and obvious, such as oak, water, etc., the color is more even, the whole feels good, good care.

Closed paint, as the name implies, is sealed with paint

The sealing primer can be used to seal the pores of the pores.The usual sparse point.The viscosity is still high.

General enclosed is put on the skin color (that is, directly on the front panel with the cloth brush color cha to do surface) and then made primer paint (primer also added a bit of color) in surface water paint ~!

Second time primer general paint is thicker, easy to polish and smooth, so the consistency of the general tone.Good sanding transparency is close, transparent good polishing is slower.So the second coat is divided into two categories: solid wood (easy to grind) and bottom (transparency).Depending on the manufacturer's production process, the number of paint will be different.So sealer is wood surface texture brown hole was completely closed as the main characteristics of a kind of paint process, show the wood substrate surface coating plump, thick, light, smooth surface, sealing paint can be suitable for all wood matrix.

To sum up;The main difference between closure and openness is the matrix of wood.In the matrix under the condition of the same wood quality, and the open and closed catheter, mainly the construction of paint dosage and solids, nitro generally used in open timber Matrix effect best pu need to dilute use, PE is difficult to used for open wood matrix.On the contrary need to close furniture effect PE effect is best, PU needs 3 times above ground paint, and nitro group is very poor, hard to be closed completely, the most half closes.

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