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The design of high-end commercial jewelry exhibition cabinet should conform to the public aesthetic!

Source:深圳凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:557    Pubtime:2018-03-12 09:33:06

The commercial jewelry showcase shows the company's products and services.Such exhibitions are targeted at specific groups, such as product buyers and competitors in the same industry.While very few of these displays are truly open to the general public, some early product previews and presentations are only open to the recipients.Commercial jewelry display case design should serve the public.

The commercial jewelry showcase is designed to accommodate most of the industry's internal display activities and open large trade shows with hundreds of booths.This is the most common presentation design.The commercial jewelry showcase is designed to promote the customer's brand, so this kind of design requirements can be updated and displayed at any time, so as to keep pace with the company's development.The commercial jewelry booth design is fast.In all the display designs, the design time limit, construction time limit and use period of the commercial jewelry display cabinet are the shortest.Sometimes a large project is designed to be completed in just two months.Because deadlines are predetermined, designers are quick to make decisions, and sometimes customers may temporarily replace the entire design.But if the display design is not completed on time, there is no need for it.

Jewelry showcase designers often use three methods to achieve sustainable development: reduce energy consumption, use recyclable materials, and reduce the use of harmful chemicals.The choice of materials and items may seem simple on the surface, as more and more environmental products are available, but this is a misconception.In general, the most hazardous materials are the key to the success of the presentation, and neither the company nor the designers are willing to sacrifice the beauty of the presentation for sustainable development.

The key to sustainable development lies in the design of a booth during its use cycle.The degradable materials used in the display may be well used in temporary exhibitions, but such temporary exhibitions can only last a few months in one place.In the harsh environment of mobile exhibits or outdoor exhibits, degradable materials cannot be supported for a long time.Compared with small-scale exhibitions, the entire museum's lighting consumes a significant amount of energy.

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