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The display cabinet order factory tells you must not wash the jewelry display cabinet with detergent

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:565    Pubtime:2017-12-26 09:47:56

Under custom manufacturer tell you must not use detergent to clean reveals ark, soap water, detergent and other cleaning products not only can effectively remove dust accumulation on the surface of the jewelry display ark, jewelry cases and custom-made cannot remove silicon sand particles in front of the polishing, and because they have a certain corrosive, thus will damage the display cabinet surface, let jewelry display ark paint have dimmed.

At the same time, if water seeps into the wood, it can also cause the wood to become moldy or local deform and shorten the service life.After 2012 many reveals ark are fiberboard machine pressed into, jewelry cases and ordering if there is water seepage in the first two years because of the additives such as formaldehyde has not been finished completely volatilize, not moldy.But once the additive evaporates, moisture from the damp cloth will cause the display cabinet to become moldy, and if the lower floors are in the home, the display cabinet in the home may be "mouldy" each year.

Here to remind you that the jewelry cases and custom-made even if some display cabinet surface using piano lacquer coating, can be appropriate scrubbing with water, also do not use wet dishcloth long lien on exhibition jewelry manufacturer in exhibiting ark cabinet surface, in order to avoid moisture infiltration into the wood.

Can't spray on the sofa.This is because the dermal sofa is the animal's skin, once the spray wax spray on it,, the pore that can bring about leather goods jams, over time, exhibiting ark manufacturer leather will be aging and shorten its service life.In addition, some people want to make the display ark look more glossy, the wax product is applied directly on the display cabinet, or use improper, will let the display cabinet surface have the foggy spot.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years' experience in the display cabinet of jewelry stores, and in 2017 will help you to promote brand value quickly.

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