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The environmental problems of the paint room of the road display factory?

Source:深圳展柜定制厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:269    Pubtime:2018-05-23 09:50:39

Every road under environment of the factory give us the paint room, want to made a beautiful process must be under the surface, under the surface of the process is the most common paint cover, paint do well and master the technology, not only the paint room facilities is also very important, facilities make good environment good health good product is certainly didn't have to say, why each factory to the quality of the products are good or bad, the difference is that the master of technology and paint room environment, good environment, of course, can keep a good teacher, we all know that the paint has certain harm to human body,Environment can depend on the teacher's body absorbs much, the better the environment must be more good to the body, workers are willing to work in a good environment for certain, is money have life flower is the absolute principle.

Some cases to dare not flatter really, manufacturer of paint room internal filthy environment also is full of dust, make product is full of dust, paint surface is not smooth, the stand or fall of paint to do wait for dry after backlight observe how suddenly see surface, good looks like a mirror, like a mirror is not to say that can do the mirror, only that the reflective effect better), poor looks on the surface of particles will have a feeling, a little of the convex up can touch by hand.

Paint room must have a cycle of machinery and equipment, so that even if have dust can also speed up its landing, another is to ensure the ground dust is not so much to take two steps to fly, it is important to note that the paint room health, regular cleaning and clean to ensure internal clean, this is should do, work habits and workers factory do is ensure that the internal facilities, internal must be closed well, can't let the outside of the dust inside, same to the air circulation facilities, to ensure the internal air contains the least amount of paint.The same fire protection facilities must ensure the safety of the construction, safety production is greater than all.

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