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The kind of jewelry display case

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:693    Pubtime:2019-03-19 09:51:52
A jewelry display is a counter used for displaying jewelry.It is divided into glass, metal, wood etc.Generally our jewelry store shelves respectively are: gold jewelry, jade jewelry, gemstone jewelry, collection and antique jewelry, such as design principles, but each jewelry cases and features of each are not identical.
Gold: gold jewelry design with showily, is currently the most popular wedding accessories, with the annual sales of gold jewelry, at the same time also pull the development of the cases to industry, from the initial single show, to the present overall sense of art and design and anti-theft technology perfect all embody the modern technology also lead to the development of the whole industry chain.
Gem type: gem is more than other metallic mineral jewelry content category is more, ruby, sapphire, water hard alumina stone, the stone of stone, pomegranate stone, green seal, etc.All kinds of gem of all kinds of gem are in vogue to say, so most jewelry display ark is the element that is designed for vogue, be like bright, colour is concise atmosphere.
A lot of museum collection classes: all over the country, but the jewelry museum or rarely, even fewer private museum of jewelry, jewelry collection class is to make young people understand the jewelry knowledge, recognize the potential value of the jewelry.It is very important to design and design the display case.
Jade categories: Chinese people have since ancient times affection for the jade, liking as much as other category jewelry 'gentleman jade is not a cause to the body is one of the ancient jade virtue, in today's era of rapid development of jade always with its unique charm blend of culture, art, religion, and other fields, with restoring ancient ways, mostly on its shelves design elegant design methods, such as focus on modern aesthetic temperament and interest of jade.
In jewelry cases and making process, you need to do many considerations, such as enterprise culture, the characteristics of the product, display space and so on, all these need to be understanding, to better products with the cases and the fusion, achieve better visual effect, to attract customers.
Shenzhen every road decorative jewelry factory focus on business cases and exhibiting ark custom more than 13 years, 7000 - square - meter production base, services more than 5000 customers, 7 to 15 days can delivery Market prices plummeted 10% to shenzhen jewelry cases and service hotline every road decoration quality worthy of trust.
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