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The lacquer jewelry display case is better than the general display case!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:626    Pubtime:2017-11-15 10:04:25

Why jewelry shelves of the lacquer that bake is superior to the ordinary cases, with the development of science and technology, exhibition division now in and out of the rapid development of the lacquer that bake, then 1 was a higher price than ordinary: cases and the cases and with high price, in our daily use process have what advantage, T face deep concrete and have a look,

1. Ordinary exhibition division is to use some of the more conservative or backward technology to carry on the rough display cabinet design and the display cabinet production, this old technical ability to make!The display cabinet that has to be made is inferior in quality to compare the appearance line of ark of inferior display ark is not beautiful lacquer hind also more easy fall off.

2, exhibition of ordinary families make pancreatic life is very short, even in day wash good maintenance condition is also difficult to withstand the test of time, due to the regular exhibition material quality is poor, poor appearance, short life, such as disadvantage, so, improve the quality of the exhibition department and improve the look of the exhibition of the smoke to extend the exhibition made!| pancreatic life problem is particularly important, such as painting exhibition division is a kind of high quality ` well-presented ` pancreatic life long a storefront, so called paint show kind of comes from the common test cases to the Lord into the technology of the lacquer that bake, so people used to this kind of cases is called lacquer under test, in a word, the lacquer that bake storefront and ordinary exhibition don't place a high and low appearance of bad ` lifespan.

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