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The price of the jewelry display case is calculated according to the requirements!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:615    Pubtime:2017-11-03 09:47:56

General storefront wall display ark is fixed on the wall directly, according to the total height of the wall to design the height of the booth properly.With the continuous development of market economy, all kinds of products in the increasingly competitive, especially in a wide range of commodities, life in a big store, can have a smart, chic exhibition space is very important, and mall space seemed less and less.So if you can make good use of this small exhibition space, let it play its role more efficiently, it is the problem that the businessman and the professional company that engage in commercial decoration are concerned about.

Exhibition cabinet design and production

The jewelry display cabinet should be harmonious and not disorganized. The booth is composed of many aspects, including layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, exhibition stands and exhibition tools.Good jewelry display cabinet design is to integrate these into a body to help exhibitors achieve the purpose of exhibition.

The size of the display cabinet can be arbitrarily matched with the product specification: 1400mm x 600mm x 950mm (can be according to the graph, also can be customized according to customer requirements) production process: each component can be installed flexibly, various color collocation.Material selection: medium fiber board, large core board, clear glass, toughened glass, stainless steel.Because the size of the shelf, size, material, brand and so on, the price difference is larger, so the price is mainly in negotiation, the price is absolutely reasonable, quality.The actual price of the jewelry display case is calculated according to the size and material required by the customer.Jewelry display cabinet design should center and focus.The focus of the booth will attract attention.Focus should cooperate with the purpose of the exhibition, the choice of usually is a special products, new products, it is very important or products, through the location, layout, lighting design to highlight the key items.

Jewelry display cabinet production

1. Height of the partition board height: 1200mm along the edge of the counter, the height of 1350mm, and then the partition to the wall at a height of 2400mm;If the partition between the two counters is column and the cylinder is located at the edge of the channel, the partition height of the cylinder to the wall is 2400mm;If the partition between two counters is column and the cylinder is not located at the edge of the channel, the partition height of the cylinder to the wall is 2400mm, and the partition height of the cylinder to the channel is 1350mm.

2. If the display case requires the lintel, the bottom of the sling is 2400mm, the height of the hanging lintel is 300mm, and it should be made with acrylic plate.Special slings shall be determined according to the brand image requirements and the scene situation.

3. Wall display height of 2400mm (back plate 2400mm), width of 300~ 500mm;Shelves inside the plane layout design should consider does not affect the fire control facilities, air conditioning, all kinds of access port, door and public channel use requirements, such as tall ark, back under air outlet, warm wind mouth not less than 500 mm.

Shenzhen every road under factory remind you: jewelry shelves design, thoughtful, comprehensive, design jewelry shelves once discussed through just don't go to the, especially not to change in the later production, this may delay the construction time will increase the cost and even affect the overall effect.Budgets are often inaccurate.There may be a large gap between the budget and the design. As the designer of the jewelry display case, we must accept the budget realistically and do our best to design the jewelry display cabinet in the budget.If the budget is unclear, there is no limit.This is likely to cause a lot of trouble.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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