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The relationship between display and display location!

Source:深圳展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:365    Pubtime:2017-11-24 09:41:28

Every road under factory introduction to display knowledge: when we into the commodity, our purpose is to make consumers' desire to mobilize, after see our exhibition, customers have a better understanding of desire, and shows our cases are successful, if you can't cause the customer's desire, that very failure.

If you opened a new shop, all things are ready, feel decorate is also very in place, but the customer is not, then this is where we're going to reflect on their own to decorate, exactly where the problem, is that your stop is not obvious, if it is for this reason that we can take is to decorate in the shops aura mountain more swagger, show all the information, is that we opened, welcome everybody to come in have a look.If it's better to match some of the price information, such as new store openings, discount information.Always have to be angry, not dead.Because we have a lot of people that some conformity, see this phenomenon in our life is also the factory, two stores look similar, but the business is a very popular, more a feeling is not popular outside long time later, is to form a kind of default trend, people always went to a voluntary.A bad business can only go out of business.

Cases and added: now entity shop will mainly on sales channels, such as online channels, we put our own micro letter weibo message devoted to the chat tool use, some sites can also be a anyhow can not wait passively, struggling business a lot, can't say for certain business can get better, doing nothing is a dead end.

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