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The shenzhen display cabinet factory in the autumn peak season how to get the production work!

Source:凡路商业展柜    Author:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Visit:367    Pubtime:2017-11-14 09:41:06

Through the efforts of sales department, the company has introduced two new potential clients: jewelry cases and cases and cosmetics, and as production, cooperate with business department work, conscientiously study related process structures, successful completion of the production and installation of the related counter, also has won the acceptance of the customer in terms of service.The production department is mainly responsible for the following aspects:

1. Organize relevant technical backbone personnel to carry out serious research on the structure and technology of the new brand, especially the jewelry cabinet and the tang pu shoe cabinet;

2, organize relevant departments to production meeting, in shenzhen 6 cases to factory site requirements and work flow of six specification has carried on the comprehensive explanation, and strengthen enforcement at the scene of the production, the production order and environment aspects are improved greatly;

3. Training and publicity of economy awareness;

4. Training and publicity of the company's service philosophy and guidelines, and strengthening the training of employees' responsibility;

5. Carefully review related drawings and order, plan and coordinate the materials of relevant special cabinets;

6. Strengthen the control of production process and earnestly implement the relevant acceptance procedures, especially the first acceptance and second acceptance of the woodworking group;

7. Reasonably allocate relevant personnel to obtain the most adequate human resources utilization.

In the production process of abnormal, especially in the case of the container, the container factory should do all we can to strengthen the staff's quality training and skills training.

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