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Three main elements of jewelry display cabinet design

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:222    Pubtime:2018-12-25 17:38:45
Jewelry display cabinet design uses a variety of elements combined with fashion culture to position the product, subtly revealing the brightest side of the product, and these elements can be divided into three aspects: point, line and face.

Point is the smallest element in visual art. It can be a small part or a large subject in the design of a jewelry display cabinet. In the design of the jewelry display cabinet, the dots can form a state of polymerization diffusion, which constitutes a sense of visual center.

A line is a trajectory formed by the movement of a point and a boundary of a face. The line is the structure of the jewellery display cabinet. The different numbers and directions form different shapes and textures. It can make the environment of the jewelry display cabinet more rhythmic.

The face is the result of a line movement, the face has only length and width, but no thickness. The surface is the composition of the space in the design of the jewelry display cabinet, and the various parts of the surface can constitute a three-dimensional. Therefore, the surface can also bring rich performance to the space.

The points, lines and faces in the design of jewelry display cabinets are the artistic expression techniques in the design. They can be used not only individually, but also in combination and comprehensively to bring good visual effects to the space. The jewellery display cabinet design attracts the crowd with a direct visual image and stimulates its desire to purchase. It not only enhances the brand image, but also promotes sales.

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