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What about the wear of the popular science acrylic display case?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:551    Pubtime:2018-01-18 09:48:07

Acrylic display cabinet is the popular material, the acrylic display cabinet is extremely transparent, and the transmittance can reach above 92%.Second, acrylic display cabinet processing mode can be silk screen, hot bending basically meet all the requirements of the customization process.Acrylic display cabinet to gradually replace the traditional display cabinet is the main trend.Acrylic products are mainly divided into acrylic display cabinets, acrylic boxes, acrylic crafts and so on.It is mainly used in shopping malls, hotels, Banks and personal needs.

Acrylic display case will inevitably be in the process of using the wear situation, were it not for the personage inside course of study for acrylic display material is also not understand, so in the acrylic display case maintenance knowledge will also be wanting.Usually the acrylic display cabinet will be used for a period of time after the accumulation of ash, abrasion, damage.According to the use group, different use of acrylic display cabinet and the wear degree of acrylic display cabinet can be treated separately, with the following maintenance methods.

1. Personal acrylic display cabinet maintenance.

Individual acrylic display cabinet will not show too much wear and tear problems are mostly ash, damage.Its maintenance method is relatively simple, acrylic display case of soot formation processing can use flush the acrylic display case to remove dust do not repeatedly acrylic display case of friction surface, in order to prevent the display on the surface of the acrylic wear away.In case of the damage of the acrylic display cabinet, IPS adhesive glue, dichloromethane adhesive and quick-drying agent can be used for bonding.

2. Maintenance of shop and hotel acrylic display cabinet.

The display case for more shopping malls, hotels use commodity display and storage of goods, because the stream is public, in the process of commodity display, sales have different people often contact yakeli reveal ark, relatively high degree of wear and tear of acrylic display case.Treat individual wear serious acrylic display case, usually the liquid polishing wax, placing it in an acrylic display ark, use only soft cloth to liquid wax evenly at the same time, in the end, the acrylic display stand in ventilated place.For those who do not have a high level of wear and tear of the acrylic display case can return to the factory for unified processing, due to the shopping mall and hotel use acrylic products quantity, more uniform in the specifications, can focus on polishing processing, place the acrylic display case and unified in the polishing machine, daub some polishing wax, appropriate uniform lighting can solve the problem of wear and tear of acrylic display cases.

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