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What are the problems that the exhibition cabinet industry jewelry stores are worried about?

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:581    Pubtime:2018-01-10 09:55:31

A lot of buyers will ask the price of this display case when purchasing.Will it be too expensive?Is the quality good?Today, the market commissioner of shenzhen fan road exhibition hall will answer these questions for you!As far as the display case market is concerned, whether the price of the display case, or the quality of the display case, can be said to be high and low.Some materials are same, look and appear similar to the display ark, the price is very different.Why is that?Customers who do not understand will ask such questions.Actually, the reason mainly has the difference of craft making, material difference and so on.We strictly implement the quality of the display cabinet, from the selection of the board, to the requirements of the process, each process is quite rigorous.

1. Material selection:

Choosing quality material is the primary factor to ensure quality.This requires not only the quality of the material to be compared, but also the applicability of the plate.First of all, it is necessary to make the correct choice for the material selection of the relevant part, and select the thin core board for the bearing parts of the display cabinet such as bookcase and ornament.Secondly, the quality of the relevant panels should be controlled, because the quality of the thin core board is very different.

2. Selection of finishing process:

Different materials need different finishes.For example, there are fine solid wood and decorative panels, then use clear water paint.And the solid board with inferior texture or do not have the ordinary plywood face of the panel, so can use mixed water paint.In the same way, if you use varnish, you should choose a solid wood or trim panel with a good surface appearance.And you use mixed water paint, so just need to choose general plank can.If the use of high quality decorative panels mixed with oil, it can only be a labor injury.

3. Treatment of nail holes:

The treatment of nail holes is technically part of the paint process.As the saying goes, "clothes make the man." this sentence is highlighted in the painting process.Now most of the decoration USES the secondary processing board, the construction USES the process of the nail, how to deal with these nails is a problem.This has a certain requirement to the color of the putty, as far as possible make the color of the putty after match color and wood surface color difference is not obvious, so can cover up these nail eyes.This method is also suitable for the treatment of tree nodes and scars.The road display cabinet has always insisted that customers use assured products!

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of van road display cabinet: 20 years display cabinet design experience, and in 2018, it will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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