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What factors should be paid attention to in the design of middle and high-end exhibition cabinets?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:65    Pubtime:2019-04-04 17:43:30
Commercial showcases can be seen in our cosmetics stores, tobacco hotels, jewelry stores, exhibitions and so on. To a great extent, it contains aesthetic feeling. So as a consumer, do you know what factors should be paid attention to in the design of middle and high-end exhibition cabinets?

The design of exhibition cabinet should be harmonious and not disorderly. The design of exhibition cabinet should highlight the focus, express the theme clearly, convey information clearly, and be concise and not complicated. The most important thing in the production of Exhibition cabinets is the lighting design. What kind of effect the exhibits want is the function of lighting.

What colour exhibits should be matched with what kind of lighting to achieve the effect, you can also look at the goods inside the mall to design lighting. Through a series of programming, we can create a natural, dynamic, unique and people-oriented masterpiece. In the design of exhibition space, human factors should be taken into account so that space can better serve people's display design needs to meet people's dual material and spiritual needs, which is the basic basis for the analysis of display space.

Human beings need comfortable and harmonious display environment, sound and color display effect, information-rich display content, safe and convenient space planning, considerate service facilities and so on. These are the spiritual requirements of human beings for display design.

This requires designers to carefully analyze visitors'activities and give full attention to ergonomics with a scientific attitude in their design, so that the shape, size and human dimensions of the display space can be properly coordinated, so that the proportionality scale of each part of the space can be well coordinated with the way people act and feel in the space. This is the most basic space requirement. 。

We know that Exhibition cabinets are used to display commodities, and they can never be ignored in practicality. Otherwise, it is useless to show off beauty and gorgeous appearance. Designers often use the principle of simplicity rather than simplicity. Of course, the premise is that it is practical.

The practicability here is not only for product storage, but also whether it can meet the needs of the market and the style characteristics of the times. This requires that the jewelry exhibition cabinet design and production company conduct market research before designing, closely surrounding the market positioning, product development, functional layout and process design, management mode and the overall distribution of supporting concealed projects of jewelry stores. Bureau for design and production.

Not only jewelry showcases need these, but also cosmetics showcases and tobacco and alcohol showcases need to consider design factors.

So the design of exhibition cabinet is the soul of counter making. It not only conforms to ergonomics, but also conforms to certain aesthetics, so as to make a perfect counter. At the same time, it will also have some stimulation to consumers. This requires exhibition cabinet manufacturers, regular training and learning for designers, in order to create the most perfect design.

This is the introduction of what factors should be paid attention to in the design of middle and high-end exhibition cabinets. Funroad Commercial Exhibition is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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