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What is the difference between the customer's dilemma and the pricing system?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:102    Pubtime:2018-05-02 14:11:43

Commercial showcase customization has become the first choice for many consumers nowadays, however, behind the personalized service, consumers may not get real benefits.There have been reports on the market the same materials, customized products, different manufacturers almost 4 times per square meter price difference, even the same brand of different merchants sold by the same material products, price is also up to nearly forty percent.The price system is so chaotic, so why is the price difference so big?

The price difference of wooden door in market is very big indeed.In a home building materials market in a shape similar to that of solid wood composite door, for example, the price of each brand mostly in 2000 yuan of above, although the discount is different, but almost all discounted price fluctuates in 1500 yuan.And in like common building materials market, same appearance of wooden door, its price is only 1000 yuan.Why is the price difference of wooden door so big?Industry expert points out, the use of wood door, production mechanization degree, brand popularity and the quality of after sale service all decided wooden door price.

In fact, even if the same brand of different stores sell the same material, there is a huge difference.If a brand shop in panyu has customized wooden doors for 3,000 yuan, the same brand located in tianhe will cost 3,500 yuan, which is nearly 40%.The store manager said the price difference between the same brand and the same product was different because of different rental prices.

To this, a display cabinet dealer said, due to the lack of unified pricing standard reveals ark custom market a certain business including substantial profits, in succession to gold, including some does not have the ability to customize the small businesses, and these small businesses and large enterprise brand value also there is a big difference.

Why is the price of customized display cabinet high?

A person who has been working in the display cabinet industry for many years told reporters that the price difference of customized display cases mainly depends on the pricing method.And assembly line production reveals ark, custom reveals ark, almost every thing also makes the material to the each rate is different, the price of product of some of these costs will no doubt be transferred to.

In addition, the price of custom display cabinet is related to its higher marketing cost.According to the introduction, the customized display cabinet brand emphasizes the experience, such merchants have high requirements for the experience store, and the investment in rent and operation is very large.You have to earn it back by driving up the price.

Other market participants said: "it is normal for the factory to make personalized production according to the different needs of customers, as well as the design of door-to-door measurement, but the price of this piece is very vague.Some measurement fees and design fees are collected for hundreds of yuan, which must contain water.In addition, sales people sell customised products generally with a commission, and will be counted on the customer's head.

In addition, because display cabinet customization is very popular in recent years, some businesses that do not have the ability to customize can also come to the scene and cheat consumers through fake customization, the person said."Some say it's the custom, but actually does not have the ability to customize production, or in order to save trouble, these businesses will produce good many stock there, once you request size and material is consistent, will sell the stock as a custom display case to you, actually did not spend any extra cost, no measurement, design, but also to charge you for the non-standard, is all in the name of the custom make money."

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