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What is the difference between the exhibition cabinet and the traditional small workshop?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:545    Pubtime:2018-03-15 10:09:35

Due to the growing demand for cases to now, the traditional handmade far cannot satisfy the demand of the market, under production manufacturer - shenzhen every road hengtai cases to start made by professional large-scale production, with the continuous development of science and technology, the way factory assembly line has replaced the traditional technique of cases to make, not only save a large amount of manpower material resources, but also improve the efficiency of the storefront design and production, saves the time of the merchants, to win a greater profit.The following four aspects briefly describe the advantages of the production of the advanced factory.

1. Guarantee of quality: the factory customized display cabinet applies the advanced production equipment, and the display cabinet is produced through the production mode of assembly line operation. It is shown in the following aspects:

A: high standards, and the precision is good: as cases to factory to produce cases, cases and superior than the handmade anyway, made of factory products and high-grade cases on the market in terms of quality without any difference.

B: effective quality assurance: after take off the cold cold press machine, precision push Taiwan saw cut, plane, double row diamond drilling, subdivision of greasy, base and so on, finally to spray paint, spray paint Shanghai is a series of high level operation.

2. Environmental protection: the traditional manual operation, especially in the paint process, operating at the scene not only quality is not guaranteed, and leaves a lot of harmful gas in construction process, and can not get effective play.And all factory production is completed in the factory, and used the environmental protection material, can effectively improve the quality of other indoor air, and factory production than the site operation to reduce the workload, more reduced the noise produced by site operation and decorate a garbage, so as to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and the neighborhood.

3. Shorten the construction period, because the factory production of a lot of work has been transferred to the factory, and only a small part of the construction site in the future production, so it is more timely than traditional manual work and construction period is greatly reduced.Generally speaking, factory production can be reduced by about five days compared with traditional construction methods.

4. Material saving: because of the mechanical accuracy and standard, the factory customized display cabinet can achieve 90% of the material utilization, which cannot be achieved in the manual field operation.

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