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When choosing a jewelry store, what kind of display cabinet is better?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:79    Pubtime:2018-11-21 09:08:27
At present, jewelry stores have a variety of choices in the decoration style. The decorative materials include wood grain, stainless steel, mirror, painted glass, floor tiles, marble, leather, etc. The shape and position of the window can also bring different effects. Of course, the same store decoration can be matched with jewelry display cabinets of different materials, as long as the color and structure are in line with the overall effect. Nowadays, the more popular counter styles are stainless steel jewellery showcases and wooden jewellery display cabinets. Which is better between the two, let's compare them.

Common aspect

The basic materials are composed of ultra-white glass, locks, leather, LED lamps, etc. The biggest purpose is to display jewelry and other products to enhance the overall image of the store. The size of the counter is based on the layout of the storefront and the actual needs.


The most used material for stainless steel jewellery showcases is stainless steel, which has a variety of structures and can be brushed. The plating colors are divided into rose gold, bronze, titanium, champagne gold, local gold and so on. Can be widely used in jewelry counters, jewelry showcases, high-end watches and clocks showcases, gold shop showcases and high-end crafts showcases and museum exhibitions.

The wooden jewellery display cabinets are mainly made of sheet metal, such as MDF, large core board, plywood, etc. The surface decoration is very selective, and can be directly painted, or can be attached to wood board, painted glass, floor tiles, or even leather. There are also more options. There is also an unavoidable advantage of the wooden showcase, which is that it is strong in plasticity. The strong plasticity mentioned here mainly means that the showcase manufacturers can customize the showcase according to the customer's needs. At present, there is no fixed standard for wooden showcases on the market. Merchants can make full use of the plasticity of wood to make standard or shaped display cabinets according to the demand of goods and the position of the ground.

In terms of grades, the stainless steel jewellery showcase is characterized by its material quality and the fineness of the craft. It is currently the most popular style and can be said to be the representative of the current high-end jewellery counter. Of course, wooden jewellery display cabinets have an advantage in terms of cost, and it is more suitable for many jewelers with limited budgets to choose a panel type counter. As long as the structural design is reasonable, the wooden jewelry showcase can also achieve very good results. The combination of stainless steel jewelry showcase and wooden jewelry display cabinet shape and material is the current trend of production. The advantages of both combine to enrich the choice of style. Choosing the right jewelry showcase can create a better shopping environment for customers.

When it comes to the decoration of the jewelry store, it is here to introduce a good introduction to the display cabinet. Funroad Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to cooperating with you.

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