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Whether it's a clothing display case or a jewelry display case, do your homework before installing it

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路深圳展柜厂    Visit:264    Pubtime:2018-06-07 13:18:49

Each reveals ark installation is different, such as jewelry display ark, cosmetics display cabinets and clothing display ark installation or have certain difference, at the time of installation must first understand the characteristics of each of these cases, then compare the drawings for installation, the following cases and road shenzhen factory share with you what are the accessories clothing shelves.

Clothing accounts for the accident mainly by hardware accessories assembly synthesis, accessories are mainly divided into A pillar, side hanging, point hanging and hanging pieces.Column A can also be adjusted to adjust the height.Side hanging hardware is fixed on display cabinet commonly a hardware hanger rod that is parallel to the ground and the clothes back cabinet, what show is garment flank, the advantage is to hang more.Point hanging hardware is clothing and back cabinet parallel display, in the clothes display cabinet back cabinet vertical installation of a hardware hanger rod, such display to facilitate guests to see the positive effect of clothing.

Anyhow before installation should first know the character of your clothing display case, also need to know the role of each parts, or slightly do not pay attention to when installation, the installation is wrong, will all over again, it takes time, control construction drawing to install basically won't have a big problem.However, it would be perfect if you could ask the people of the booth factory to help you install your clothes display cabinet. There is no need to worry about accidents.

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of experience in jewelry store display cabinet design, help you quickly improve brand value in 2018.

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