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Who said that the small space showcase is too crowded, that is, you don't understand the design!

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:222    Pubtime:2018-11-21 09:23:19
In the age of housing prices, making full use of space to display more products with the smallest area is the purpose of showcase design, but many people also complain that small spaces want to display more products, you must have more showcases, no matter How to put the showcase, the space will look more crowded, this is the case! Half right, in fact, master the space and layout, small space also has a large space of comfort!

The showcase should match the area

This refers to how much space is designed to fit the size of the showcase. If the space is small, and the showcase is large, the showcase that comes out of this will definitely appear to be crowded and make customers feel depressed. The design of the small space showcase should be clear and orderly, the shape is simple and generous, the lines are smooth, and there are individual showcase designs, highlighting the key points and shop culture.

The lighting adjusts the external environment of the showcase.

The space of the small space should extend the height of the space. You can install the grid light on the roof, so that the emitted light can be arranged in rows or squares. The height of the room can be increased by the light, so that the customer can walk in without feeling the room. It's short, and it's empty, this is the effect of the light.

Reduce the number of display items

There are a lot of shops with a lot of space to put a lot of props and merchandise, which not only makes the whole space look very messy, but also increases the placement of the sales staff, and the customer can easily see the mess. It is also easy to influence the image of the store and give the customer a bad experience.

Auxiliary materials should not be too fancy

Auxiliary materials refer to some decorations of the showcase, such as carved, inkjet, stainless steel, etc. Small space needs to pay attention to the design of the auxiliary materials can not be too fancy, it is not appropriate to use the thick color of the pattern, etc., otherwise it will be overwhelming. It should be designed in conjunction with the overall image of the store, so that the accessory materials can be embellished.

After reading the above design concept, I believe that you have fully understood the design of small space! It should be noted that the store design not only conveys the information of the products to the customers, but also pays more attention to the brand culture and consumer culture. Incorporating the aesthetics and consumption of local customers into the design can better meet the needs of customers.

Regarding who said that the small space showcase is too crowded, it is here that you don't understand the design. The Van Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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