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Why is the display cabinet divided into high end, middle end and low end?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路深圳展柜厂    Visit:264    Pubtime:2018-06-13 11:52:05

Why are there mid - and high-end booths and low - end booths in the market?Because each customer requirements are different, some cases and factory may because the order is too small for customers to be less keen, and even the service is not very good, also may refuse to provide case and so on.Why is that?Because some company takes high-end course, for some low-end storefront is not accord with the company's objectives, while each storefront factory location is not the same, but the main purpose is to let the customer trust us, let them believe our storefront is high-end, our service is high.High-end routes also have restrictions on customers, and they do not have what customers want, which limits the needs of some customers.

Why take the high end route?For the booth factory, one or two million orders are not large orders, but the current situation, most of them are a few.Order is belong to the practice of high-end, and price is more expensive than that of directly buy on the market, the manufacturer's production cycle is long, if the number of cases and factory internal spending less is larger, in take time to arrange order materials, and production is the same time.Divided by the number of general customers are less demanding, to all kinds of certificate, etc., as well as the requirements of the delivery time is short, exhibiting ark factory if stop is the production order to produce other orders, for cases and factory is a very large internal consumption.

Cases to factory if takes high-end course will give up some small order quantity, low selling prices, exhibiting ark especially jewelry cases, jewelry cases generally is currently the top shelves, shelves in material and process requirements are very high, according to all the needs of clients to develop exhibition shelves, for high-end storefront factory not only in technology or service is first-class.Now many customers have chosen more high-end high-end cases and cases to factory because factory let him rest assured, even if it doesn't matter a bit higher price, and high-end storefront factory also for leading business enterprise alignment road with good.

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