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Why is the domestic jade jade display cabinet production basically Chinese style?

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:569    Pubtime:2018-02-03 09:41:06

The display of jade jade wares shows that jade jade wares are not only a good display of jade jade, but also play an important role in the inheritance and promotion of jade jade culture.With the change of history, jadeite jade jewelry display ark although there are constantly updated on the design structure, but the only constant in jewelry display ark customization is jadeite jade reveals ark generally contains the Chinese traditional culture elements in it, and keep the Chinese style style, mainly in order to better present the jade has a long history and culture.

Jade jewelry jade products in our country has thousands of years of history, has long been popular, jadeite jade culture is also part of the culture of the Chinese historical tradition, the Chinese traditional idea with the jade is peja jade, jade, jade, jade and enjoy love.

With the change of historical and social development, jadeite jade reveals ark by use of new materials constantly emerging, in making the choice of material range is more extensive, and with the change of the design concept, also has created all kinds of style structure.But, in our contact with most of the jadeite jade shops can be found, no matter how changes in the material, how to design concept, jadeite jade shops in the overall design style are branded with the deep traditional culture elements, such as the store of solid wood carving, partition screen, etc., strong cultural atmosphere, not like other jewelry store business information.Because of the long history of jade and jade, the inheritance of jade jade culture is the most important.Therefore, it is necessary to discard too many commercial elements in the design of jade jewelry counter, and the return to the cultural experience of jade jade is king.

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