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Why should the glass on the jewelry display cabinet be cleaned regularly?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:119    Pubtime:2018-06-22 11:48:17

Shopkeepers think of a better ways of highlighting jewelry and beautiful atmosphere, is the jewelry display ark and glass is relatively more and more now, but everybody in the use of jewelry display ark, tend to ignore the jewelry display ark the glass clean.If you want to keep your glass bright all the time, certain maintenance and cleaning are necessary.Next, fan lu exhibition ark factory is simple and everybody says next gem exhibits ark glass to have what secret book of cleanness, hope can help everybody.

One: when the glass is clean, wipe it off with a clean dry cleaning cloth.When a little bit dirty, you can use glass water or cleaning solution to wipe it, then use a wet towel to clean it, and finally scrape it with a rubber band scraper, and then dry it with a clean cloth.Or more old-fashioned way, with some waste paper to wipe the glass of water spray on glass again after using waste paper to wipe with dry paper brush is also very clean, finally standing on the side of the glass to see if the clean as a mirror.

2: when the glass of the jewelry display cabinet is cleaned at ordinary times, wipe it with the vinegar or stele wine stained with the wet towel, and then dry it with clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is clean and bright.It is best to wipe from top to bottom, from left to right, so that no corner will be left.But do not remember to wipe with old cloth or dirty cloth oh, easy to scratch the glass surface.The frosted glass that has decorative pattern can dip in the tooth brush that has cleaner, hit a circle to wipe along design ok!

Three: if the jewelry display ark on the glass with the difficult to clean dirt, can use clorox cleaner with water with a soft cloth to wipe, the cleaner has good solubility in water, can be attached to the glass surface, wipe a is on the net, also won't leave scratches and marks, after washing water mark and the smell of a fragrance.Can also use clorox sent all-around cleaner, cleaner, it contains natural pine sol home anywhere it can clean, deodorant and disinfection, clean fragrance, rather easy to use, remember do not use strong acid and alkaline cleaning liquid.Your jewelry display cabinet must be well maintained, so that you can keep it clean and comfortable every day. The customer will feel especially good when he sees it.

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad cosmetics display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of experience in jewelry store display cabinet design, help you to quickly improve brand value in 2018.

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