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Will the manufacturer test the jewellery display cabinet after it is finished?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:230    Pubtime:2018-12-17 17:39:10
Some customers are worried that they will pay a high price to customize the jewelry display cabinet. If it is installed in the store, what should I do? In fact, this phenomenon will not happen basically, because the general showcase factory will make the order again and again when confirming the size! And will be in the factory test counter, today, the road showcase factory Xiaobian will talk to you, after the jewelry display cabinet is finished, will the manufacturer try it out?

    The answer is yes. After the jewelry display cabinet is finished, it will be installed in the factory. It is because if there are some places that cannot be assembled or some small details can not be assembled during the trial installation, we can solve it directly at the factory. . The factory is the place where the production is complete. All the machines and equipment are relatively complete, and any problems can be solved. If the small parts are not done again, it will not be very troublesome. However, if it is not installed in the factory, it will be very troublesome. If there is a problem with the on-site assembly, there is no space and no machine. The small problem is a big problem for the site.

    For some novices, after the factory showcases the jewelry display cabinets and transports them to the customer's store for assembly, the on-site assembly time will be greatly shortened, because they are already skilled! Ok, after the finished jewelry display cabinet is finished, the manufacturer will try it out. It will be introduced here. If you also need a custom display cabinet, you can contact Funroad Showcase Factory.
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