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Wood display cabinet manufacturers need to pay attention to fireproof, moisture-proof and insect-proof

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:42    Pubtime:2019-01-28 17:58:02
The display cabinet is an indispensable carrier for commodity management and various exhibitions. With the continuous improvement of technological requirements for display cabinet, and the production of display cabinet materials are many, and wood is the most used material in the production of display cabinet. Based on the characteristics of wood, in the process of making display cabinet, we must pay attention to fire prevention, moistureproof and insect prevention, safety in production.

First of all, we should pay attention to fire prevention. This problem is particularly important in autumn and winter, because the weather is dry in autumn and winter, wood is relatively dry, easy to fire, and the production of display cabinets will certainly have a large number of wood piled up together, if the fire is not done well, slightly inadvertent, it is easy to cause fire, bring irreparable consequences, often seen in various media reports of fire, this situation is also more serious. One kind, not only will bring property losses, but also may cause casualties. Therefore, as workers who make display cabinets, they must pay attention not to bring fire to the workplace, but also to check the circuit frequently to ensure that there will be no fire caused by circuit problems.

Secondly, we should pay attention to moistureproof. This is mainly spring and summer. In these two seasons, the rainwater is relatively abundant. Wood accumulates in the ground. It is easy to get wet and rot. The display cabinet produced by this kind of wood is easy to be deformed, durable and of poor quality.  Therefore, in the rainy season, the wood should be stacked in suspension. The best choice for qualified manufacturers is to place the wood in a warehouse with better ventilation rather than an open yard.

Finally, we should pay attention to wood insect control, although the wood is now processed, the chance of being moth-eaten is very low, but we also need to check regularly to prevent such situations, bring losses to enterprises and so on. To achieve this, employees need to have a strong sense of responsibility and professional knowledge, so enterprises should pay attention to the training of employees, not only improve their awareness of safe production, and ensure the ability and level of safe production.

The wood display cabinet manufacturers need to pay attention to the introduction of fireproof, moisture-proof and insect-proof. Here we are. Funroad Commercial Show looks forward to cooperating with you.
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