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High-end Display Showcase for Jewelry Brand Store Decor
    • High-end Display Showcase for Jewelry Brand Store Decor
    • High-end Display Showcase for Jewelry Brand Store Decor
    • High-end Display Showcase for Jewelry Brand Store Decor
    • High-end Display Showcase for Jewelry Brand Store Decor

    High-end Display Showcase for Jewelry Brand Store Decor

    [product name] :
    [jewelry display cabinet size] : regular (size can be customized and design the effect drawing as required)
    [color selection of jewelry display cabinet] : it can be matched arbitrarily and customized as required
    [jewelry display price] : it is the lowest profit price (excluding any other expenses).
    [jewelry display cases] : the display cases are suitable for large shopping stores, stores, supermarkets, stores, exhibition halls, franchising stores and brand chain stores.
    [jewelry display cabinet producing area] : guangdong province - shenzhen - mission hills
    [production cycle] : 10-20 days.The effect drawing is for reference only. The construction drawing shall prevail
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    Product Details

    [jewelry display cabinet production requirements] :

    1. Material selection: wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, MDF medium fiber board, PLYWOOD large core board, generally using medium fiber board baking paint or solid wood decorative panel or silver mirror, etc

    2. Lighting selection: LED jewelry special lamps, ordinary pillar spotlights, with cool color light source and warm color according to color temperature standards.

    3. Overlays: the exhibition cabinets are finished in an orderly manner from making samples to cutting and opening materials to painting and packaging.Choose high grade environmental protection paint, hand feeling is smooth, color is even, glossiness is good, the effect that bake lacquer can achieve the same as lens is highlighted, bright and dumb light can optional, press client requirement.

    4. Internal structure: the hardware parts are perfectly combined with the wooden structure, and the circuit wiring inside the display cabinet will be used for a long time in accordance with the acceptance requirements of the store and the cabinet body safety.

    [production process] :

    A. drawings of customer design plans

    Every road in shenzhen decoration cases and design consulting services, free to design by the letter of intent, the second payment of design drawings, three cases: from shenzhen every road design department provides design scheme - customer drawings confirmation a communicate shelves quotation order construction production.B. The client has the design plan drawings -- check and confirm the quotation sheet of the display cabinet (product name, specification, unit, quantity unit price, detailed quotation sheet of material construction technology) for construction and production.

    C, confirmed by the both parties sign the quotation and contract, shenzhen every road under sales department will material preparation according to the contract and order schedule for work, after receiving the customer 30% 50%

    After the production deposit is entered into the production opening work, our company strictly follows the agreed material technology requirements.

    [installation process] :

    Domestic customers send logistics freight to ensure the successful completion of the installation process.

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