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Luxury Customized Clothing Display Showcase for Shop Decoration
    • Luxury Customized Clothing Display Showcase for Shop Decoration
    • Luxury Customized Clothing Display Showcase for Shop Decoration
    • Luxury Customized Clothing Display Showcase for Shop Decoration
    • Luxury Customized Clothing Display Showcase for Shop Decoration

    Luxury Customized Clothing Display Showcase for Shop Decoration

    [product name]: clothing display cabinet
    [Size]: Regular (size can be customized, can be designed according to requirements)
    [Color selection]: can be arbitrarily matched, customized according to requirements
    [Price]: It belongs to the factory minimum profit price (excluding any other fees)
    [Applicable places]: Showcases are suitable for large-scale shopping cosmetics, specialty stores, supermarkets, stores, exhibition halls, exhibitions, franchise stores, and brand chains.
    [Place of Origin]: Guangdong Province - Shenzhen - Pingshan New District
    [Production cycle]: 10-20 days. The effect chart is for reference only. The construction is subject to the construction drawing.
    [custom hotline]: 18923842356 Mr. Wang WeChat synchronization
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    Product Details
    [clothing display cabinet production requirements]
    1. Material selection: wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, MDF MDF, PLYWOOD large core board, generally using MDF paint or externally decorated with solid wood veneer or silver mirror
    2. Lighting selection: LED jewelry special lamps, ordinary pillar type spotlights, the color is cold light source lamp, warm color lamp according to color temperature standard.
    3. Cover: The showcase is finished in an orderly manner from proofing to cutting to cutting and then to painting and packaging. Choose the same environmentally-friendly paint, feel smooth, uniform color, good gloss, the effect of baking paint can be as bright as the mirror surface, bright matte can be optional, according to customer requirements.
    4. Internal structure: The hardware fittings are perfectly combined with the wooden structure. The circuit wiring inside the showcase will be used according to the cosmetic acceptance requirements and the safety of the cabinet.
    【Production Process】
    A, customer design plan drawings
    Shenzhen Funroad Decoration Showcase free design consultation service, reached the entrusted design letter of intent, two paid design drawing costs, three by Shenzhen Fan Road showcase: design department to provide design plan - customer drawings to confirm a hook to confirm the showcase quotation single order construction production. B, the customer has a design plan drawing - check the confirmation of the showcase quotation (product name, specifications, unit, quantity unit price, material construction process detailed quotation order production and production.
    C. The quotation and contract signed by both parties, Shenzhen Funroad Showcase Business Department will carry out the preliminary material preparation and order scheduling work according to the contract, and receive 30% 50% of the customers.
    After the production deposit, the company enters the production and opening work. Our company strictly produces according to the material and process requirements agreed by both parties.
    [Installation process]
    Domestic customers send logistics and freight to ensure the successful completion of the installation process. Customized hotline: 18923842356 Mr. Wei Wechat Synchronization
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