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Retail Wooden Bookshelf Showcase for Book Store Display
    • Retail Wooden Bookshelf Showcase for Book Store Display
    • Retail Wooden Bookshelf Showcase for Book Store Display
    • Retail Wooden Bookshelf Showcase for Book Store Display

    Retail Wooden Bookshelf Showcase for Book Store Display

    [Product Name]: Bookstore Showcase
    [Size]: Conventional (size can be customized, can be designed according to the requirements of the effect map)
    [color selection]: can be arbitrarily matched, customized as required
    [Price]: The lowest profit price (excluding any other expenses)
    [Place of application]: Exhibition cabinet is suitable for large-scale shopping cosmetics, exclusive stores, supermarkets, stores, exhibition halls, exhibition halls, franchise stores, brand chains.
    [Origin] Guangdong-Shenzhen-Pingshan New Area
    [Production cycle] 10-20 days. Result drawings are for reference only. Construction drawings shall prevail.
    Customized Hotline: 18923842356 Mr. Wang Weixin Synchronization
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    Product Details
    [Bookstore Showcase Production Requirements]
    1. Material selection: wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, MDF medium-fibre board, PLYWOOD large core board, generally using medium-fibre board paint or external veneer such as solid wood ornament panel or silver mirror.
    2. Lighting selection: LED jewelry lamps, ordinary pillar spotlights, color for cold light source, warm light according to color temperature standards.
    3. Cover: The exhibition cabinet from proofing to cutting to cutting to cutting, to painting, packaging and first-class process work cabinet are orderly ended. Selection of high-grade environmental protection paint, smooth feel, uniform color, good gloss, the effect of paint can be as bright as mirror, bright and matte can be optional, according to customer requirements.
    4. Internal structure: Hardware fittings and wood structure are perfectly integrated. The circuit wiring inside the exhibition cabinet will be used for a long time according to the requirements of cosmetics acceptance and the safety of the cabinet body.
    [Production process]
    A. Drawings of Customer Design Scheme
    Shenzhen Funroad Decoration Exhibition Cabinet Free Design Consulting Services, to achieve a letter of intent entrusted to design, two to pay for the cost of design drawings, three by Shenzhen Funroad Exhibition Cabinet: Design Department to provide design solutions - customer drawings confirm a collusion to confirm the exhibition cabinet quotation sheet construction production. B. Customers have drawings of design schemes - to confirm the exhibition cabinet quotation sheet (product name, specifications, units, quantity, unit price, detailed quotation sheet of material construction technology) for construction production.
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