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Silver Jewelry Display Showcase for Brand Store Furniture
    • Silver Jewelry Display Showcase for Brand Store Furniture
    • Silver Jewelry Display Showcase for Brand Store Furniture

    Silver Jewelry Display Showcase for Brand Store Furniture

    [product name] : Silver Jewelry Display Showcase for Brand Store Furniture | Funroadisplay
    [applicable places] : shopping mall, supermarket, supermarket, exhibition hall, exhibition, franchised store.
    [display cabinet design] : standard, regular, and alien (size can be customized according to actual site)
    [color scheme] : design color scheme or color scheme according to customer's requirement.
    [booth price] : because of the size of the shelves, the price of materials and brands are different. Therefore, the price is mainly based on negotiation and the price of the king is absolutely reasonable. Please ask everyone for more information!
    [booth area: shenzhen Funroad decorative decoration engineering co. LTD
    [production requirements] :
    1. Materials: medium fiber board, large core board, flame retardant board, glass, stainless steel, acrylic, paint paint.
    2. Lighting: reshi, sanxiong, philips brand lamps (or according to customer demand, light color and color temperature optional, qiongd lamps:
    3. Process: medium fiberboard woodworking process, tenon process, sticker skin panel process, spray paint baking process, glass chamfer grinding process, stainless steel mirror wire drawing process, electrostatic spraying
    Art, organic acrylic process.
    4. Structure: standard 325 system structure, wooden structure and accessories perfect splicing.Display cabinet wiring according to the standard of shop wiring construction standard.
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    Product Details

    [production process] :

    A, the client has no design plan drawings

    Shenzhen fan road decorative display case free design consultation service, a letter of intent to design a letter of intent, two payment design drawing fees

    3. Shenzhen fan road display cabinet: design department provides the design scheme - customer drawings confirm a check to confirm the quotation of the display counter for single construction production.

    B. The customer has the drawing of the design plan -- check the quotation sheet (product name, specification, unit, quantity unit price, detailed quotation of the construction process of the materials).

    C, confirmed by the both parties sign the quotation and contract, shenzhen every road under sales department will material preparation according to the contract and order schedule for work, after receiving the customer 30% 50%

    After the production of the deposit, we enter into the production and opening materials and we will strictly follow the materials processing requirements stipulated by the parties.


    Domestic customer logistics shipment to ensure the successful completion of the installation process.

    Production cycle: 10·5 days.The effect picture is for reference only. The construction drawing shall prevail.

    Booking hotline: 18123914539 wang sheng WeChat synchronization

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