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Guangzhou tianmen jewelry display counter orders customers

Guangzhou tianmen jewelry display counter orders customers
Beginning in every way under factory customized storefront also have to understand, because is friend introduction, I also do jewelry retail business friends, I recently not to decorate the store, to a friend said, when you eat a friend introduced me immediately whether decorate or custom-made exhibiting ark, to every road cases, after I went back to check the website about the company, have a look at recent years storefront design, feeling is very interested in, then every road friends to the company's phone number, initial design, not satisfied and then let the designer to help me according to my requirements change, designer patience to help me explain design is wrong, so late from production to install I basic don't tube, cabinet come back in a few months, the business is very good, the feeling of the shop looks very tall.My wife said that the display in their home was really good.
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